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Ways To Secure Your Cloud

Some of the most important points to be considered while deciding your approach toward you cloud security is the extent of data security needed and how mission critical the application is. You can adopt for two methods namely site-to-site VPN terminations and setting up additional security layers such as CloudSpan. With each selection you will have to deal with the pros and cons of each in terms of cost, performance, complexity, and latency overhead. Following are some of the methods to strengthen public cloud security for your enterprise. Selecting appropriate apps for public … [Read more...]

Android Phones that are still to arrive in 2013

Android, the flagship mobile operating system by Google is synonymous with 7 out of 10 Smartphones sold worldwide. There is nothing more to say about the popularity and awesomeness of Android platform. Starting as a humble system with few features in a HTC phone in 2008, it has come a long way and evolved a great deal into a fully loaded mobile operating system featuring an ocean of functionalities. Let us look at some much anticipated Android Phones which the Android fans are waiting eagerly to cast their hands on. Sony Experia Z “Yuga” Electronics giant Sony which pioneered the … [Read more...]