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Fantastic desktop photo holders.

If you fancy yourself as the next Bond, Monroe, Elvis, Sauce Pot but couldn’t resist that last doughnut, can’t squeeze into ‘that dress’ or quite frankly can’t pull off wearing a white lycra, sparkly outfit and singing “uh huh huh” on a regular basis, then you needn’t be repressed for long. The B-Somebodies allow you to pop a passport-sized mug-shot of your fair self or significant other onto the body of your chosen idol. Your dad as Elvis, your girlfriend as Marilyn or Saucy, your boyfriend as Bond, or even funnier muddling them all up. Daft desktop icons to relieve the drudgery of work and help you daydream.

You can have this for £4.95

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  1. hehe reminds me of those giant cutouts with the really muscular characters and you put your head in..always make for a good time 😉

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