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Banana Hammock

Banana Hammock

It is super-portable – simply fold it up and put it in its Brazilian inspired, banana-shaped carry bag. It’s made of deliciously comfy yet weatherproof polyester, giving it the softness of cotton without the sogginess. 100% weather proof, fade resistant and tough enough to take even the chunkiest of us, or even a clutch of children. All in all it’s a first rate hammock. Chill out, that’s an order.

You can have this for £39.95 – Approx USD $71.91 / €59.13

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  1. I like the idea of the bag. Now just need to find a couple of trees close enough together…

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  4. Awesome! I like this idea, and i will definately will implement this. Really a useful to entertain 🙂

  5. nice idea!

  6. Fun Places says:

    Oh that,s cool man. Its really a smashing thing for spending some holidays on a calmly place. When i spend my holidays on a top of a hill then i must carry with us.Related with u check the some most impressive palaces .

  7. George @ Rope Hammock says:

    This is all what i like the most. Happy to see that its listed here. Let me tell you. Its awesome and one of the greatest relaxing ones you would ever had

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