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Bath Pearls

Bath Pearls

Bath Pearls are great at soothing the mind, body and soul after another arduous day at the office. These pearly drops of heaven bop up and down on the surface of the water and emanate a soft glow from within when they come into contact with water. The pearls morph through a spectrum of colours including red, blue, green, purple and yellow and make an ideal gift for yourself or your partner if they’re in need of some pampering. Run the bath….add the bubbles….dim the lights and soak up the atmosphere with your pearls, and let the mysterious relaxing powers of warm water and mood lighting soothe away the aches and pains of the day.Technical specifications:• Bath Pearls 3 pack• Each pearl changes through a spectrum of colour when in contact with the water• Colours change from red, blue, green, purple, yellow• Batteries required 3 x AG10 (included)• Dimensions: Each pearl is approximately 50mm in diameter 

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