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Bebo Bands Make Waves

Music brings people together regardless of age, gender, race or distance. Though not everyone is blessed with a singing voice, mostly everyone enjoys humming or even singing along while listening to one?s favorite singer or band. This passion for music is what gave birth to Bebo Bands, definitely one of the more popular features of Bebo.com. Launched in the middle of 2006, Bebo Bands registered a feat when at least 10,000 artists including groups signed up with the site in a matter of three (3) days. This has expanded to more than 25,000 after a couple of weeks.

As a Bebo.com member, you will certainly enjoy the available music from established artists and uncovering new ones in the forms of bands or solo acts waiting to be discovered. By clicking on the provided links, you will be connected to the respective home pages and listen to the music offered on that site. Aside from the music, users can also learn about the artist or members of the band as information are provided in their home pages. For easy reference, the bands are categorized by genre hence selecting your type of music will not be difficult. Agreements with existing record labels have likewise been entered into by Bebo.com to ensure the regular flow in terms of music content. Checl also how to unblock bebo using proxy !

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