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Become eco friendly

Ecology is very important these days because the Earth is more and more affected by pollution and wee all suffer the consequences: bad air, bad whether, bad water and ugly places (full of garbage).

This is why people want to do something to protect and clean our planet.

The good news more companies are trying to create eco friendly products and launch ecological campaigns.

The latest eco campaign was launched by HP and it is called power to change. See the video below for more details.

Power of change is a website from where you can download a widget which reminds you to turn off your computer when you are not using it.

The simple act of turning off you computer can help:

  • reduce energy waste
  • curb carbon emissions
  • save money

I have installed the widget and I wait to see the result how much energy I save. For now it shows zero because I’ve just installed the widget.

Tip: If you are not using your computer for a short time you can use the suspend to RAMM function (Sleep): your computer will save energy and it will start fast when you’ll need it again.

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  1. To save our earth from the increasing all type of pollution we all should work hard. One of the tip i want to give that to stop paper pollution all offices and banks should use paper shredders.

  2. The company I work for tells us to leave our computers on all night. This somewhat angers me, these things stay on all night and get used all day. First off, this isn’t good for the computer and second, we are wasting so much energy and electricity by doing this. It must cost them an arm and a leg every month. Regards!

  3. There’s a general trend towards eco-friendliness these days which is obviously great news. We could have done with greater awareness a few years earlier but it’s better late than never.

  4. Wow. I’ll definitely start turning off my computers.

  5. It’s good that a company such as HP is making an effort towards a “greener” environment. I hope every company will do something for our world. Thanks for sharing the widget.

  6. Very good video. Nice 🙂

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