Beer Burglar Alarm – Stop Theif!

Beer Burglar Alarm – Stop Theif!

We’ve all been there ? you’ve just sat down to enjoy an epic film and you fancy a beer. You wander over to the fridge, only to discover that some bottom-feeding low-life has pinched the four-pack of beer that’s been staring at you saying ?drink me’ for days. You resisted, why couldn’t they?

There’s only one way to combat this sort of shameless theft and that’s with a short, sharp, shock deterrent system. After all, that’s the only way these little toe rags learn, isn’t it?

The Beer Burglar Alarm should be your first port of call in such instances. Simply attach the device to your cans and sleep easy, safe in the knowledge that no one can touch your cans without one of two things happening:

a) a mafioso voice piping up, saying ?Keepa da hands off ma beer,’ or

b) a banshee-like siren piercing the would-be thieves eardrums. The Beer Burglar Alarm features a motion sensor, you see that kicks in should anyone come within 30cm of it. That should keep your beer firmly in the fridge where it belongs. It’ll also put an end to that ill-advised one more pint’ when you return home from the pub, shixteen’ sheets to the wind, since you’ll wake half the street with the ensuing racket.

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