Belkin TuneCast II FM Transmitter

Belkin TuneCast II FM Transmitter

Introducing the new Belkin TuneCast II FM transmitter ? a very neat little device that projects you digital tunes over your radio. With a brilliant Auto On/Off function, the TuneCast II frees you from having to manually toggle the On/Off switch by simply powering on when an audio signal is detected. If no signal is detected for a period of 60 seconds, the TuneCast II switches off. So the FM transmitter preserves battery life while making your portable audio experience simpler to enjoy. The TuneCast II features four programmable memory slots allowing you to save the clearest station wherever you go. Which means, for those of you in a rush, less time searching for available frequencies. In addition, the package includes a 14-inch cable that delivers power when used with the Belkin Mobile Power Cord for iPod ? in case you want to save your batteries for a more mobile journey

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