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Best Gadgets for 2012

iPad 3


The iPad 3 has continued to be hands down the best tablet pc so far. Continuing the success of its predecessors, the iPad 2 and its progeny before it, the iPad 3’s sharp display, fast processor and carbon fiber casing make the competitors line up in place behind it. The thing that really makes the iPad the winner amongst its tablet competition, however, is its amazing app store. The Apple iTunes app store continues to provide high quality affordable apps that the set the platform apart from its competitors

iPhone 5


With the record setting pre opening day sales for the iPhone 5 last month, Apple’s iPhone continues to enjoy market leadership in the smart phone market, despite every increasing competition from the Android markets. As with the iPad, the iPhone 5 has the success of the highly stable and popular iTunes app store to support it with quality apps. While the apps are on average more expensive than their competitors in the Android Google Play market, Apple users are happy to throw down a couple of dollars for an app if it means that they can enjoy the quality and consistency of experience they have come to expect from Apple gadgets.

Samsung Galaxy III


In the Android side of the smart phone market, there is no one who has come close to dethroning the reigning market champion, the Samsung Galaxy III. In fact, if there was any phone that was able to match the popularity and market demand of Apple’s smart phone behemoth, the Samsung Galaxy is close on its heels. With a larger display, faster processor, more ram and 12mp camera, serious gamers and shutterbugs alike will find this smart phone much more to their liking than the one size fits all iPhone 5. And with the addition of a high definition display, the Samsung Galaxy III is one of a select few smart phones that can actually steam HD video on demand. With game developers creating increasingly intensive games for smart phone mobile devices, the Samsung Galaxy III’s leg up in technical specs and quality display may actually push it up into a close race for market superiority with Apple’s iPhone 5 in 2013 once the hype cycle around the iPhone has died down a bit.


Amazon Kindle Fire




The Amazon Kindle Fire has been an amazing success for the company most known to the consumer market for its online bookselling and its successful e-reader. The Kindle Fire is introducing the average house hold to what the IT community has known for years now – Amazon is not only known for its genius ecommerce network, but it is also one of the world’s premier providers of cloud services. Kindle owners will get to take advantage of this cloud computing environment through unlimited cloud storage for all Amazon content. Kindle owners will also be able to access over 22 million movies, TV shows, songs, books and applications through the Amazon network. Members of Amazon Prime can also take advantage of Amazon Instant Video, which works similar to Netflix, and the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library which provides access to over 180,000 eBook titles. For users with children, Kindle Free Time provides a personalized kid friendly environment for kids and parents to provide a safe environment that can be monitored and limited by parents to help control their children’s tablet experience.

Play station Vita


Showing everyone that serious gaming is still the territory of serious game hardware manufacturers, Sony also released a new hand held gaming device this year that offers serious gamers a great experience that offers online gaming over Wi-Fi and 3g networks as well as location aware applications for new levels of next gen mobile gaming experiences.

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