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Best Home Automation Gadgets in 2013

Home automation is a relatively new technology, although it has long been dreamt of and it is quickly gathering pace with homeowners. People love the convenience of being able to manipulate appliances and settings using a wireless device. Whether it’s turning on the oven, opening the garage door, controlling the lighting or securing the property there are a lot of benefits to using home automations systems within the home.

2013 is set to be the year that home automation really takes off. As the appliances become more affordable the technology becomes more desirable. Mobile apps have also helped to increase the demand for home automation systems, and homeowners now expect to have both information and control remotely at their fingertips.

Top Automation Gadget No. 1 – Lockitron


How many times have you left your home, perhaps to go to work, to go shopping or out on a day trip, only to have that thought that crosses everyone’s mind at one point or another – “Did I lock the door?”

You can try to backtrack your steps, but it’s a process that you do daily and it’s not always easy to remember. Of course, one this thought has been planted it’s difficult to think of anything else, and many people have to return home to double check.

Lockitron is a great home automation device that works with a smart phone app. The device can be fitted to almost any deadbolt, and it communicates with the app to tell you whether or not the door is open or closed. Should your phone not support the app there is a backup SMS software solution.

Top Automation Gadget No. 2 – Nest


Nest is an awesome and highly intuitive home automation gadget that can be controlled via the internet if desired.

It is designed to automatically control the temperature of a room based on your actions and your presence. It is a neat (if expensive) piece of kit that can save you a small fortune on your energy bills.

You will need to check if Nest is suitable for your thermostat before investing in this home automation solution.

Top Automation Gadget No. 3 – Phillips Hue


Philips is a well know and trusted brand used by homeowners around the world. The Philips Hue system is by far one of the most popular home automation systems, and it’s easy to see why. The Philips Hue system allows homeowners to control their lighting remotely. As well as offering remote control features, the Philips Hue offers controls such as brighten and dim, and it also includes easy to use controls that enable you to tweak the home lighting setup to match any and all moods.

Top Automation Gadget No. 4 – Irrigation Caddy


With food prices raising more and more homeowners are choosing to grow vegetables; however, maintaining a vegetable patch can be quite demanding and time consuming. Irrigation Caddy is a great time saving home automation device that enables you to water your garden from anywhere in the world! This great little gadget can also be used in flower beds as well as vegetable patches.

Top Automation Gadget No. 5 – Smart Things


Smart Things is a work in process. It’s a Kickstarter backed project that if successful will change the way we use and view our homes forever. It is hoped that Smart Things will control and monitor pretty much everything in the home; from turning appliances on and off to tracking the movements of pets and children in the home.

If Smart Things comes into fruition then it will be a real technological game changer, one that could inspire a whole new generation of home automation devices and applications.

Author Bio: Jason Phillips is an experienced writer who has written many high quality articles for various sites. He also writes for a site selling emergency locksmiths London.

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