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Best iPhone Apps for Managing Budget at its Best

It’s an ironic thing really: the iPhone can cost you a small fortune to buy but in the long run it can actually help you make all that money back just by giving you access to apps that are a tremendous aid to staying on a budget easily. In other words, you have the potential to save a massive amount of money. While budgeting apps are a dime a dozen, there are a few that really stand apart from the rest.

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An easy to use yet very feature rich budget app is the one developed by Deskescape. Named simply as Budget, its main aim is to aid in keeping an eye on where every penny goes and help you to make sure that you stay on your allotted budget. While it costs $1.99, the fact is that Budget presents you with a host of features that you will normally never find in free iPhone budgeting apps. For instance, while it offers you the usual transaction and budget entry steps, it also allows you to share your transaction with any other iPhone user if you want to generate a report for any particular transaction. You just have to click on ‘Share Transaction’ and it will be sent via email to your chosen recipient.

If visualization helps you, then a great feature is the expense vs. budget graph option which shows you graphically just where your expenses stand in relation to your budget. If you prefer to view your monthly incomings and outgoings on Excel, then even that is easily done because all the data you need can be converted into a CSV file. You can set reminders for any expenses that are due soon. You can also put a password on this app if you prefer to keep your data private. Another useful feature is the yearly comparison; it means you can see how your expenditures and budgets of previous years compare to the present one.


DebtMInder is an app that can help you to keep track of any loans that you may have. Big loans such as houses, cars, student loans or credit cards are applicable here. With this app, you can categorize your different loans to make things clearer for yourself. For example, you can make categories such as highest interest loan, or loan with the lowest balance at present or loan due earliest. Visual aids such as charts and graphs can be formed at the click of a button to make things even easier to figure out. The app is a bargain at $0.99.

Gas Cubby

To keep track of the expense of owning a car, you can use Gas Cubby. Its most useful feature is that it shows you which gas stations are offering the cheapest prices in your area. It can also keep track of the mileage your car is doing and how much gas it is suing up in the process. You can put in reminders concerned with your car’s maintenance as well, meaning that you can potentially save a lot of money by getting things done now instead of later when it may be too late.

Gift List Budget Shopper

This is an app that is extremely useful for keeping track of any extra expenses that you may incur in a month, such as a wedding or Christmas gift. It is a feature rich app; you can make a budget for gifts, you can search and compare prices for any product easily, you can plan out a shopping trip, and export all relevant data onto a spreadsheet. There is also an option to back up all data.

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