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Best Office-Friendly Gadgets

Work environments around the country are changing. For many, the days of claustrophobic cubicles are long gone, and open, collaborative work spaces are the new norm. In fact, some office environments are no longer confined to one particular business, as co-working space trends like PeopleSpace and CrashLabs gain popularity. But it’s not just the scenery that’s changing. Thankfully, standard office technology is changing too, staying up to speed with the pace at which individuals use technology in their private time. Here’s a look at 5 must-have office tech gadgets for 2016.


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LiveScribe Echo Smartpen

While laptops and smartphones make their way into most meetings, sometimes it’s just easier to bring along good old pen and paper to take some notes. The LiveScribe Echo Smartpen brings note taking to the 21st century. The smartpen records everything you write, hear and say and allows it to be played back at your convenience. The notes that are taken can also be transferred to your computer, smartphone or other device, as needed. In addition, the notes can be easily shared as a PDF or audio file, so you can easily collaborate with co-workers on that next proposal.

Sony Noise-Canceling Headphones

While office collaboration is a must, sometimes private time is equally as important. Being able to drown out the background noise of the office and get in the zone with your favorite music or podcast can come in handy, and Sony’s latest noise canceling earbuds give you the opportunity to do so, even when you’re away from your desk. The latest edition of the wireless earbuds allow you to stream music from up to 30 feet away, without sacrificing sound quality. The earbuds also have a microphone so you can take those important business calls when you’re on the go. What’s more, is they have splash-resistant housing so you can use them even if you want to work up a sweat on your lunch break.

SnapJet Compact Photo Printer

The SnapJet is the world’s first slim, portable, open-source instant film printer, and it’s certainly a tool that comes in handy, particularly in the creative office space. SnapJet allows you to immediately print high-quality photos directly from any Smartphone. It’s lightweight, so it can travel with you whether you’re working from home, the coffee shop or even the airport. The company started out as a Kickstarter campaign, and raised nearly 50% more than their original fundraising goal.


OfficeIQ aims to help office workers be successful, comfortable and healthy. OfficeIQ is a lightweight box that can sit under any desk or chair and monitors when users sit, stand or leave desks to promote more physical activity. Powered by the Tome app, OfficeIQ also syncs up with your calendar, so it won’t remind you to stand up and take a walk in the middle of a meeting. OfficeIQ helps office workers make better health decisions throughout their day–not just in the office.

AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker

No office is complete without its caffeine source, and coffee makers aren’t stuck in past anymore, either. The AeroPress Coffee maker can satisfy the needs of workers quickly by making 1 to 3 cups of coffee in just under a minute. Using a rapid total immersion brewing process, the AeroPress makes smooth, rich coffee, without the bitterness. What’s more, is that it can brew traditional American coffee or a variety of espresso drinks to add a little pizzazz to your afternoon pick-me-up.

Equipping your office with these tech gadgets can make your 9 to 5 both more productive and more enjoyable. Have additional suggestions for must-have office tech gadgets? Let us know in the comments below.

By Jordan Davis

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