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Best Valentine’s Day Gadgets

Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating love, friendship and relationships. Like most of our modern holidays, commercialism has infiltrated and taken over the occasion, but the giving and receiving of gifts does not have to be without feeling. All this emotion can make shopping for the perfect gift for your significant other a difficult one. For men, chocolates, roses, teddy bears and the standard women’s gifts may be easy to find and purchase, but just not the right fit for their girlfriend or wife. As for the women out there, finding a gift for the men in your life can truly feel like a challenging labour of love.

Take heart, all lovers, wherever you are! There is hope and a solution to this February quandary: gadgets. Though gadgets both electronic and non-electronic may seem cold and impersonal as Valentine’s Day gifts, choosing the right gadget and adding your own personal touch to celebrate your romance will result in the perfect gift for the man or woman in your life.

Choosing Your Gadget Gift


The first step is choosing the right gadget to give to your loved one. A large part of this selection process will be guided by your personal knowledge of the other person, but here are some general gift ideas.

Everyone enjoys music so an MP3 player, such as one of the many Apple iPods, makes a wonderful gift for the man or woman in your life. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, colours and styles, so choosing a model that suits is a breeze. To personalise the gift, select music to add to the unit that is special to you as a couple; this could be the first song you danced to or the songs that remind you of each other.

A great gift for men and for women is a personal gaming system. A Sony PlayStation Portable, for example, makes an ideal gift and is useful not only for its video game capabilities. This flexible and sophisticated unit also allows you to download and listen to music, watch movies and television, download and view pictures, and even surf the web.

It is also important to keep in mind the tastes and preferences of the person you are getting the gift for. If he or she likes to read, a Kindle and some e-books would make a wonderful gift. If your significant other likes to cook, a unique kitchen gadget would be fun to use.

For the more traditional shopper who wants to try a gadget, high-tech jewellery may be the best choice. Lockets or watches that double as USB storage devices, colour-changing necklaces and Bluetooth bracelets are some innovative options.

When it comes to getting the best deals on your sweetheart’s new gadget, it is always best to look online. Shopping websites, such as Amazon.com and Overstock.com, provide thousands of ideas to choose from, while a search of store sites will yield a wide variety of options in a range of prices. Many sites also have sales, specials or discount codes to use when purchasing your Valentine’s Day gadget that will save you extra money.

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  1. Any gadget that increases productivity makes a great gift, because it’s something that the recipient can use everyday. Something practical rather than showy would be more valuable.

  2. Hi,

    You’re right, Valentine’s Day is upcming. A gadget would be a perfect gift. I’m fishing for a blackberry playbook – the perfect tablet for my hubbie. To top it with I’m getting a carrying case, binder, charger, and and more.

  3. Hi, I’m currently looking our for discount codes so I can purchase T400 14.1 at a lower price. This product is amazing! It enhances productivity and change the way you work. To begin with, they feature 14.1″ widescreen displays that help to lower power consumption and offer brighter colors! How I aim to get it for 50% lower than how much it really is.

  4. Only flowers, chocolates and an out of town with my boyfriend. That’s the only thing I ask during Valentines Day. No gadgets and any other expensive material things.

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