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Best web hosting

My web hosting related posts were very appreciated so I have decided to write a new one. In this post I will show you how to find the best web host.

When I talk about the best web hosting I refer about 2 things: quality and price. You see the best hosting company is different form one people to another.

If you have a personal blog a shared account or even a free service like Blogger or WordPress can be the best.

If you have a more popular site – more than 50.000 visitors per month you should consider getting a virtual private server or a server.

The virtual private server means that a server is divided into virtual account and you will have “direct” access to some resources. Example: you can use 1GH of processing speed, 512 RAM and 10 GB on hard drive.

Reading hosting reviews before buying a hosting plan it is a smart thing to do. Also you should look for the hosting company + forum and see what customers are saying about them.

When I closed my hosting firm firstly I have tested the support. I have sent them an email asking a ton of questions and tested the response time and how did the tech team response to my concerns.

Popular companies are: Host gator, Godaddy and web hosting hub.

Look for a company which offers multiple features. If you are a beginner I recommend to choose a hosing account with Cpanel and Fantastico. It will make your life easy.

The prices are very good. You can get a share account for less than $10/month a virtual private server for $40-50/month and a dedicated server for less than $200 (the prices depend on server configuration).

Most companies offer money back guarantee for 30 days so you will be able to test them.

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