Bionic Hand promise to help people with disabilities

The Bionic Hand was invented by David Gow.


The Bionic Hand thumb and fingers can move and grip just like a human hand and it is unique because it is uses patient’s mind and muscles control the movements.

The bionic hand rival is X finger.

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  1. I saw this on the telly last week. Very clever. Bionic hand was developed in Scotland and they are currently testing it in Nottingham UK

  2. I like this gadget, it’s actually improving the lives of many. It’s interesting how they can control the movements from their minds (well it’s not magic, of course there’s something that triggers the movements while thinking).

  3. It has to be incredibly precise and yet soft not to screw up that CD when picking it up like in the picture.

    On the other hand, this bionic hand could really come of good use for people who lost this body part in work accidents or something, but i wonder if the insurance is going to cover the implementation costs :))

  4. i love the disign of the hand and i think it will work for those who are diabled. if that is being tested i have a fully working and tested arm that requires no hacking of any limb. it just sits on the soulder and gets turned on. the bad part is the person it will go on will have to have the controll pluged in to their sinal cored to relay messages so that it will move or it is useless. it run on a 52 hour charge battery. and it does all the thing a real arm .

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