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Today, the markets are decked with glitzy smartphones and ultra modern look, but Blackberry seems to have left behind the roost. According to the recent report published by IDC, things look gloomy for RIM owned Blackberry service and platform.

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Android still rules the market with 68.3% of share till the year 2016. The situation may not be as gloomy as it appears, RIM have yet to ace up the sleeve. The Blackberry 10 platform or acronym BB10 is completely a path breaking smartphone.

Here’s a review of the same

Gone are the old days of stodgy, serious interface, now it’s time for sleek and superfast interface that is designed for both work and entertainment. BB10 is built on the QNX platform- similar to PlayBook. No doubt, some inspiration is also drawn from the popular smartphone platform- an app drawer that has multiple apps, a notification tray and so on.

For example there is no home button- instead the area of the screen is touch sensitive.

Here is some stand out features of the smartphone

Peek- It doesn’t matter where you are, with just a single upward swipe, you can see all your notifications for instance, the number of messages that you’ve received. Swipe up and right, and you’ll get hands on with BB Hub.

BB Hub- This hub is named aptly because of the fact that its one place wherein you’ll get email, texts and other instant notifications like BBM and others, additionally you’ll get social network updates from facebook and Twitter.

Multitasking- With this phone in place, you can open eight apps simultaneously. It lets you to swap between the apps as faster since you can view them all. Additionally, a developer can select to have active cards with information that refreshed on a periodical basis with reference to new data- same as in case of Windows 8.

Totally changed BBM- Aside from the multiple language support, the revamped BBM is equipped with voice and video chat feature over the data network. Unfazed by the fact, BBM will remain sole property of BB users, but it’s nice to have all such features in a single handset.

Smart Contacts- This phone will sync all your contacts and other social networks that you’re signed to. But you can also view updates, meetings, schedule and other important information about the contacts at a single place.

Balance- The balance is an exclusive feature that keeps your professional and personal lives separate on the device. However, both the profile can remain active simultaneously.

Camera- The camera feature is not limited to clicking shutterbugs, instead it has a cool Time Shift feature wherein you can tap on a subject matter once you have clicked photo and use the rotating slider to select a point where your subject looks amazing.

Different Look and Feel- Although BB10 has taken a long time to take on Android and iphone, but BB10 is a good start though. Now, its trying to capture third slot in the mobile ecosystem. It is trying to capture the windows market.

The interface is like a familiar grid but folks will surely go for it because of its unique look and feel.

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