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BlackBerry PlayBook 7 inches 64GB

Tablet PCs are now in fashion. These devices are powerful minicomputers ideal for reading ebooks, surfing the web, chatting with friends, listening to music, watching movies, learning what is happening on social networks, playing games and even editing/creating documents.

The BlackBerry PlayBook is a light tablet. It weights just 499 g which makes it ideal as a travel gadget.

BlackBerry PlayBook 7

The BlackBerry PlayBook  comes in with built-in Messages, Calendar, Contacts and Video Chat apps to make communications easier.

This tablet PC uses the BlackBerry Bridge which lets you switch screens easily by opening that app on your PlayBook.

How BlackBerry PlayBook works

The main features of this tablet are focused on communications.

The 64GB of memory are enough for movies, music and  ebooks and docs.

Is this tablet a good investment? It is up for you to decide. The device works based on PlayBook OS 2.0 and if you owned BlackBerry products before and you are used with them this should be a plus.

I recently discovered the Android OS and I like it a lot. You can read about my current tablet PC here.

Pricing and availability

According to the shopping site kelkoo.co.uk the best price for the BlackBerry PlayBook 7 inches 64GB is £229.99 and it can be purchased from Amazon.co.uk.

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