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Blog about your Blog

Blog about your Blog is the site where bloggers come together and collaborate with each other.

Blog about your Blog (BAYB) is helping new bloggers to make their work and ideas known to the public.

The goal is to be found and get noticed into Blogosphere. BAYB can help you Increase Web Site Traffic and find good Blogging Tips.

So if you have a blog and want to learn to get more traffic or you want to communicate and work with other passionate bloggers visit Blog about your Blog.

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  1. thank you for sharing this.

  2. thanks for the review

  3. I don’t really think these kinds of blogs do any good….. its a platform that allows us to spam about our website just for SEO reasons…

  4. we don’t allow spam first of all. Our quality control is enforced by me. It’s a select group that have good blogs, and write quality articles. Not Spam

    Check out the site youll see

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