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Do you have a new blog, but haven’t chosen a design yet?

Of course the easiest method of getting a design is to search for templates. Eg if you have a WordPress blog to search for WordPress templates.

Although you will fond a lot of good free templates using them in not always a good idea. Because this templates are free everyone uses them so your blog will not be unique. If you don’t know how to customize the template to make it unique you can read the design blog.

It is preferable to learn to design blogs yourself because a good blog design service can cost you up to $999 per blog. So if you have 20 or 30 blogs just do the math and see how expensive that can be.

Tips for designing blog from scratch:

1. The first thing you must do is answer the question What are you going to blog about? because the design must fit with content.

2. Make sure your posts are easy to read. You can do that by not distracting your visitors with too many graphics, just let him/her read.

3. What Does Your Header Graphic Say About You? A strong header and a good graphic design will raise the value of your entire blog.

For more tips about blog design read the blog about web design.

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