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Primo iPhone Data Recovery Brings Your Deleted iPhone Messages Back

In a hyper-connected world, messages play a critical role to connect us with our beloved family, intimate friends and important business partners. It’s an extremely annoying feeling when you realize that you’ve mistakenly deleted Messages that mean so much to you. How would retrieve them? Primo iPhone Data Recovery is a wise option for anyone who wants to recover mis-deleted MMS/SMS/iMessages as soon as possible. Images sent by author Primo iPhone Data Recovery is an all-new iPhone data recovery tool, available for both Windows and Mac. Aiming for the latest iPhone 7 and iOS 10 … [Read more...]

New Gadget Being Launched – Nearbuds for AirPods

Nearbuds for AirPods use powerful neodymium magnets to safely store and carry your Apple wireless AirPods. Born out of the frustration of lost AirPods both at home and on-the-go, Nearbuds for AirPods allow you to wear your AirPods like a necklace when not in use, or to stash them to your dashboard, computer, desk-lamp, fridge or…anywhere really, as long as it’s magnet-friendly. Your AirPods will always be on hand and at the ready when you’re rushing around through this busy world. Until may 8th this gadget is available for pre-order with free shipping worldwide from Kickstarter.com. … [Read more...]

Win 4 Popular Mac Apps in MacXDVD Easter Egg Hunt Contest

2017 Easter is just a few days away. In celebration of this holiday, MacXDVD Software and two partners launched an eggciting Easter Egg Hunt contest. Every participant has the chance to win 4 quality Mac software with a total value of $269 for free! Gifts in the contest: MacX DVD Ripper Pro - Decrypt and rip all types of DVDs to iPhone, iPad, Android in the fastest speed. MacX MediaTrans - Transfer photos, videos, music, ebooks, ringtones, etc between iPhone iPad and Mac. PDF Expert - Read, annotate and edit PDFs, sign and edit PDF files on Mac. DiskDrill Pro - Recover … [Read more...]

The 25 Coolest Technologies and Tech Gadgets of 2017

2017 is still considerably young with the first quarter almost upon us. However, even though it have only been a few months into the new years, technology and innovation has been on the rise. We have witnessed the launch of high-tech devices made to make life a lot easier especially if you can afford them. Typical examples of these are the new Apple Watch Series 2, MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID and much more. This article is focused on taking a quick look at the best tech devices so far in 2017. Here are 25 of the best that are currently available in the market. 1. Google … [Read more...]

How Cloud Computing Really Works in Healthcare

Cloud computing is the use of multiple computers that backup their data to remote servers that are hosted on the internet by a data service company. This removes the need for local servers and allows computers in different locations to access information from the same server. It is a great boon to many businesses today and is being used in many industries. Image sent by author How do Healthcare Facilities Use Cloud Computing? Healthcare facilities use cloud computing in multiple ways. One of the most common is in the exchange and cataloging of patient history and information … [Read more...]

What You Must Have to Work from Anywhere in the World

The biggest regrets of most business professionals is that they never got to travel. However, in today’s modern world of tech-savviness, you can take your work almost anywhere, leaving you free to see places you always dreamt of seeing. The following must-haves would make go-anywhere work a little easier. Some Portable, Reliable Electronics Reliable and portable electronics are absolute must-haves for working anywhere in the world. These electronics will become your connections to both your personal and professional lives, so be sure you choose something with positive reviews and your … [Read more...]

Hosted VOIP Systems Tips And Tricks

Hosted VOIP Systems are cost-effective and more abundant in features than the old telephone systems. However, choosing a provider is not that simple. Not all services are alike, so you want to be conscious of selecting a provider that will make it worth your investment to switch. Make Sure the Provider Can Deploy and Administer the System with Ease Leading VOIP solutions will require little equipment for installment, no matter the size of the business. Basically, all that is needed is an IP phone, a voice router and a voice gateway device. You want to choose a hosted provider that has … [Read more...]

Tips for the New Deer Hunter

Tips for the New Deer Hunter Are you a newcomer to deer hunting? If you have recently decided you want to see what draws so many people every hunting season, there are a few tips that can help to make this an enjoyable experience. Learn the basics and the steps that will help you to become an experienced hunter in no time. Finding a Place to Hunt Most likely you will not want to go on your own the very first time you go hunting. If you have a friend or family member that owns land they use for hunting, this can be an option. If this is not an option, there are areas available for … [Read more...]

Tips On Choosing A Proper Chain Hoist

The use of manual lifting or even forklifts in this day and age are not only inefficient, but they can prove to be quite dangerous in some circumstances. When a business engages in lot s of heavy lifting, they need to look into the prospect of using a chain hoist. Here are some tips on choosing the proper one for your needs. Talk with the chain hoist dealer about what your business specifically does. Different hoists will be needed, for instance, if there will be food being handled or if chemicals are being lifted. Tell them about any particular hazards that are commonly found in the … [Read more...]

StarSailor – LiveSky is an Upcoming Portable Bedroom Projector Loaded with Tech Features

Have you ever wondered what a clear starry night on an African safari might look like in person? Or how about the colorful Northern Lights? Well now you can simulate that experience with StarSailor – LiveSky, no matter where you are in the world. Along with displaying live or pre-recorded feeds of the sky, Milky Way and other natural backgrounds, StarSailor can project any other content that you might want to see in any room including movies, digital books, websites, live sports games, live concerts, and more. This surprisingly small, portable and cool looking projector is also … [Read more...]