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BMW Z4 2009

There is a new super car available: BMW Z4. In the latest ad the artist Robin Rhode uses this car as paint brush to create something unique and colourful. To see the results watch the video below.

With the the software provided by BMW you will be able to Create your own Expression of Joy.

Just download the software, print the Z4 symbol, turn on your webcam, lay the Z4 symbol flat on a surface in front of your webcam and using the keys you will take the BMW Z4 for a drive.

Change colour and direction whenever you want and create your own Expression of Joy.

You’ll need a webcam and a good graphics card. PCs should have at least 2GB RAM and be running Windows XP or Vista to use the software.

Enjoy 🙂 .

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  1. Really great or should i say Amazing. I wonder how they programmed this 3D application. I wish I had 2GB RAM in my personal computer to test it. Thanks for sharing this buddy

  2. this is so fricken cool! love it! Thanks for the post.

  3. Thanks for sharing the news, helpful indeed.

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    i wish i can have a BMW before 30 years old!

  5. Wow! It blows me out of the water how technology develops so quickly and so marvelously. I am an artist, and so often when I feel everything has been thought of, I am proved wrong. This technology might be a bit of fun to play with, I may use it for my site even. And as for cars…I’m not generally a fan, but between TED.com and now this, I have to give the company of BMW some credit, they seem to do a lot more than just make pollution and bling! Thanks for the post, this made my day! 🙂

  6. It is really amazing. How they make Make BMW so beautifull?

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