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Bopit Black and White

Bopit Black and White

Compulsive, addictive, competitive, there’s no end of ‘ives that make this latest sleek White edition of the compelling Bop It simply unputdownable. Bop It commands you to BOP IT! TWIST IT! PULL IT! FLICK IT! SPIN IT!, and you must obey. It’s a thoroughly brilliant drinking, family & friends, or self-play game engineered to hone your reactions to a razor sharp edge.

Audio commands and beats keep you in the rhythm, and the longer you manage to last, the more the beats evolve and change, driving you into a bopping, flicking, twisting and spinning frenzy. There are four different music styles (and thankfully a headphone jack to keep the noise to yourself), three games and two different modes, giving you six ways to play this infuriating and mercilessly addictive game.

You can have this for £24.95

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