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Bosign Laptop Pillow in Red

One of the main problem with using laptops or netbooks in your lap is that your knees are getting too hot. To avoid this you can use the Bosign Laptop Pillow.

Bosign Laptop Pillow in Red

With this pillow you can use your laptop or netbook on the sofa in complete comfort.

The Bosign Laptop Pillow uses a cotton red rectangular cushion with a set of oversized white silicone buttons to rest your laptop on to prevent slipping and to allow air to circulated to prevent the laptop overheating.

Bosign Laptop Pillow features:

  • made from 100% cotton with a machine washable cover
  • easy to store when not in use
  • it allows air to circulated to prevent the laptop overheating

Pricing and availability

The Bosign Laptop Pillow price tag is £19.00 and it is available at Allupandon.co.uk.

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  1. It’s a trade-off between looking silly resting your laptop on a big red and white cushion and burning your thighs off. I probably won’t use something like this out in public, but would love to have it around at home.

    Also, it’s about time laptop manufacturers realize that people actually use these things by balancing them on their laps and did something about the heat build-up in their machines.

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