Bryston has come up with yet another product, the Bryston 3BST amplifier. This brand is always marked for its enormous performance and high quality of gadgets. Bryston 3BST amplifier provides best amplification even for powerful applications. Its design suits to maximize the outputs and to ameliorate the results. The amplifier is enclosed in hard durable out case that promises reliability and longer duration of operations. This flawless equipment ensures to amplify the weak and feeble audio signals powerfully and delivers it with outstanding quality more than the original audio. This wonderful equipment is not only giving powerful performance but also cost effective.

The efficiency of the amplifier is maintained by the uninterrupted and regular supply of power to all the voltage gain stages. The connectors make the device work more efficiently with good connectivity options and they are gold plated. This whole block consists of inputs which are switchable XLR-1/4 inch that is balanced and RCA inputs that are unbalanced. The faceplate is silver coated. This amplifier offers a powerful performance with 120W power that is continuous into 8 ohms i.e., 20.8 dBW, 200Wpc power that is continuous with 4 ohms i.e., 20dBW and in bridged mode it gives a power of 400W that is continuous into 8 ohms i.e., 26dBW.

At high powers, this amplifier holds a low distortion rate. This may be quoted by showing a distortion of 0.007% for a power of 120W at 20 Hz to 20 kHz. In SMPTE (Society of Motion Pictures and Time Code) method, this holds an IM of 60 Hz + 7 kHz in the ratio 4:1. Further, the signal-to-noise ratio is noted as 106 dB with reference to rated output and has an IHF of 90 dB. The various factors that aid to the excellent performance of this solid-state stereo amplifier are its slew rate which is greater than 60V/µs. secondly, its damping factor that is measured greater than 500 at 20Hz ref. 8 ohms, which is balanced with the output impedance of 0.016 ohms. This device has an input sensitivity of 1V for 120Wpc into 8 ohms and for a full balanced output its input sensitivity is 2 V. The input impedance varies between balanced and unbalanced circuits with 20k ohms for balanced and 50k ohms for unbalanced. This excellent and compact device has dimensions of 19x 5.25x 9 inch and has a weight of 22lbs.

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