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Building a CNG Station

Building a compressed natural gas (CNG) station is not like building a regular retail store. There are a lot of safeguards that must be put into place to prevent possible explosions from occurring. The companies that specialize in CNG station construction need to be at the top of their game during a project like this. There are many things that can go wrong if certain details are overlooked during the construction process. Will you be building a a CNG station in the near future? If this is the case, you have a lot of work ahead of you. The following steps will give you a guide to follow which will make it easier to complete your project.

1. Scout a location for your CNG station which has the approval of the local and state government.

You cannot simply build a CNG station wherever you choose. A facility that contains large amounts of flammable and explosive materials can only be legally built in a few locations which are approved by the government. Therefore, you will need to contact your local city hall to see what regulations and restrictions are in place. They will give you an idea of where you will be able to build your facility. You will then need to search for suitable plots of land within the legal zone where construction is permitted. Make sure you have filed all of the necessary permits and other paperwork required by the city and state.

2. Seek out the most reputable companies in the CNG construction industry.

Ideally, you should only consider hiring a company that has been responsible for the successful construction of at least 50 CNG stations. This will tell you beyond the shadow of a doubt that the company has a massive amount of experience. It also says a lot about the quality of the craftsmanship that the company is capable of. It stands to reason that the company would not keep getting hired if they were doing low quality work. Experience is crucial with a project of this magnitude.

3. Decide when construction will begin.

You should try to schedule the construction of your CNG station during a time of the year when the weather is generally at its best. This is not always possible. However, good weather means construction will be completed faster. It also means there will be safer conditions and less chance of accidents.


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