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Buy a new TV with confidence by understanding all of the technical guff

Shopping for a new TV can be like walking through an active minefield. You have to tip toe your way around a ton of technical information that takes for granted whether you understand it all or not. To make matters worse, if you put one foot in the wrong spot, KABOOM; you could find yourself investing a ton of money into a TV that doesn’t match your expectations.


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With modern TVs boasting X amount of this or Y amounts of that, it’s no surprise some of the biggest manufacturers, like Sony, are finding it difficult to reign supreme in this bloated technology market. Perhaps if the consumer had a better understanding of what they were buying into, rather than being fed a ton of technical jargon from the get go, manufacturers might see an increase in sales.

So whether you understand your 4K from your 1080p or an OLED from an LCD, it could make all the difference when it comes to plonking your cash on a new TV set. As usual, the million dollar question is “how do I make this easier”? After some thorough research and a little elbow grease, money saving website Voucher Codes Pro have put together an Ultimate TV & Video Glossary.

The glossary sports an easy to use interface, listing every TV and video term you’ll ever need when it comes to understanding this technology. Best of all, it will be continually updated as new TVs and features come onto the market. Not sure how a dynamic backlight will benefit you; just go to D on the glossary and find an instant answer.

Let’s take a look at what’s hot on the current TV market. Last year saw a big push for super thin screens and 3D technology. The big brands like Sony, Samsung and LG were pedalling passive or active 3D glasses with their flagship TVs; promising to add an extra layer of depth to your home entertainment set up. While the technology was a success and did exactly what it said on the tin, 3D didn’t quite work out when it came to sales.


Where does that leave 2015’s TV sales push? While 3D is still a popular feature, now available without having to pay a premium price, 2015 looks to be all about resolution. Throughout last year, store shelves were beginning to embrace 4K televisions. However, any eagle eyed consumer could spot the alarming price hike for any TV that boasted this new resolution standard.

What is 4K anyway? While a standard HD TV outputs a 1080p image, a 4K display is capable of producing an image which is 4 times the quality of a standard HD picture, boasting 4096 horizontal pixels per line. In marketing terms, you might see a 4K display touted as ‘Ultra HD’.

To have become an early adopter of 4K, you’d be looking at spending the other side of a £1000. Nevertheless, it’s already apparent that 4K TV prices have begun to plummet since the turn of the New Year, being made more available to a much wider audience. Big name brand LG currently have a 4K TV for under £500!

Last year was incredibly scarce on 4K content but 2015 looks like broadcasters and TV subscription services will begin introducing 4K specific channels and on-demand entertainment. Furthermore, if rumours are to be true, analysts believe 4K compatible versions of the popular PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games consoles will be announced in the near future.


The big question now is whether you should invest in a 4K TV this year or not? With an influx of curved displays and feature heavy 4K models continually being introduced, the future looks bright. So if you find yourself craving a high-definition picture that oozes clarity and you’re looking forward to the upcoming 4K content that’s on the horizon, it’s a big YES from me.


By Joe Griffiths – Voucher Codes Pro

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