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Can offline advertising work for a gadget site?

In the last 5 years I have advertised my sites only online. In 2011 I want to test some offline advertising for Gadgets Club.

My question is: can offline advertising work for a gadgets site? If you have some experience in this field please use the comment form to share your expertise.

I want to have a more aggressive marketing this year this is why I will make some changes.

First of all I want to keep my advertisers happy so instead of using email for communications I will make them a nice surprise. I want to use the regular, old style mail and to use letterhead printing to make my messages look appealing.


Another idea is to use calendar printing for a giveaway. I’m thinking of a calendar full of cool gadgets.


And the final idea is to use stickers printing and create some great looking stickers and place them in crowd spaces frequented by youths.


The stickers will have a message like this: Want to read about the latest gadgets? Go to Gadgets-Club.com.

What do you think?

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  1. Well offline marketing is great and i really like your idea about the old style letterhead mail..but i believe online advertising can be channeled to the right audience..and with offline marketing everything seems tougher…Good Luck

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