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Capacity Touch Gloves Review

I just got a pair of capacity touch gloves to review. This post won’t be very long because the tests were easy to make and the gloves aren’t a complicated gadget with lots of features.


The problem with touch screens is in winter and if you have your regular gloves on you need to take your gloves off to operate a touch screen device. This was annoying so manufacturers created capacity touch gloves.

This type of gloves work on touch screens so you can keep your warm gloves on while operating touch screen gadgets.

Capacity touch gloves review


Not a lot of tests to be ran with those gloves. I simply put them on and played with my phone and tablet PC.

The gloves work fine, but I had to move slower than usual. If I moved too fast both the tablet and the phone were unresponsive. 

Overall the capacity touch gloves keep your hands worm and you will able to use touch screen devices.

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