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Virtual Roulette – Microgaming Demos the Latest Trend

Earlier this year Microgaming had the best showcase at the 2016 ICE, a VR roulette game. It was only a question when was the VR technology going to be used in gambling, and it seems as if that moment has arrived. However, this was only a demo by Microgaming showing it’s preparations for taking over the industry with new virtual reality games, which may be released very, very soon. Players now can’t wait to see these types of games at the Top NZ Casinos or the Microgaming casinos at Mobile Casino Safari. Imagine having to use VR technology for all the games like slots, video poker, … [Read more...]

DJ Controller Buying Guide. A Cool Infographic

While becoming a DJ might seem like a hobby for some, it’s actually a lucrative career option for anyone with the talent to see it through. Whether you’re just beginning or you’re a seasoned pro, it’s important to have the proper equipment in order to maximize your jockeying skills. Just as every carpenter needs a set of quality saws, sanders, and other tools of the trade, a serious DJ needs the right software and turntables to get those bodies moving. In order to select the right equipment, you need to consider your experience level, preferred software, number of channels, and whether or not … [Read more...]

How Capturing Live Streaming Video from Internet has been made Simple

Movavi Screen Capture Studio has been designed for capturing and recording real time screen activity. Making use of this live streaming video recording software, you would be able to record live action in your computer. The software enables you to save the recorded video on to your hard drive with ease. It would not be wrong to suggest that the program has been an ultimate tool for recording and watching your video for later. You could do number of functions with the state of the art features that the software has to offer. Recording of online events, various TV shows and educational programs … [Read more...]

How can your Smartphone Make you Money?

I think we all know that smartphones are not the cheapest gadgets out there. Their sophisticated and strong hardware, amazing screens, massive storage space, and graphics performance all cost money. And if you use them in the way most other smartphone users do, they don't add monetary value to your life - or, in layman's terms, they don't make you money. But there are ways in which smartphones can be used to pay for at least mobile broadband - or even themselves. Micro-jobs Hiring people to do individual jobs is not a new thing, but it has reached its apogee in the smartphone era. Now … [Read more...]

What Can Your Business Learn About Technology Strategy from Pokémon GO?

The trend everyone is talking about right now is the Nintendo augmented reality game Pokémon GO. Whether you are a player or not, you can't have failed to have noticed the big impact this game has had on people all over the world, quickly becoming more used than Tinder, the popular dating app, and even rivaling Twitter for daily access – despite at the time only being officially available in the US and Australia. Photo used under the fair use policy Realistically, your business can't hope for that level of virility or press coverage, but there are some lessons to be learned about how … [Read more...]

What Makes a Good Lubricant Manufacturer?

Lubricants are used every day by many people and companies for a wide range of tasks. In many cases, the lubricant is being used to ensure that a piece of machinery is working properly. Therefore, lubricant that is insufficient could result in the machine breaking down and having mechanical difficulties. This is one of the main reasons why it is so important to find a superior lubricant that will not let you down. How do you go about finding the best lubricant on the market? There are a few things that you will need to look into in order to accomplish this. Here are some tips to help you in … [Read more...]