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Top 4 Degrees for a Lasting Career in the Tech Industry

There is little doubt that tech industry employees are the envy of the American workforce at the moment: tech jobs are well compensated, offer excellent benefits, and are located in some of the United States' most beautiful and dynamic cities. If you're just heading to university this year, or you're considering going back to school for a career change, here are four degrees that will help cement your status as a fantastic applicant and—hopefully—a long-term tech employee. Image sent by author 1. Computer Science With their knowledge of database creation and analysis, data mining, … [Read more...]

7 Online Tools That Will Boost Your Productivity. Optimize your workflow with some of today’s top web platforms.

Sure, there are plenty of online tools out there to limit your productivity. Between Facebook and Netflix, it’s easy to lose hours out of your day. But did you also know that there are also plenty of tools out there to significantly boost your productivity? Whether you need a little help with your accounting, communications systems, or customer service, here are seven tools that can help you streamline your day. Image source Pixabay Get your personal finances in order with Mint Created by Intuit, Mint is one of the best financial multi-tools out there. Its features include … [Read more...]

Quick Tips to Get Your Physical Files Online and Organized

With the trend moving toward completely eliminating paper documents, it is essential to begin transferring your company’s physical files online. If you have a smart phone, scanning machine, and computer, you are already equipped with all the tools you need to organize your life. Records and receipts are now being digitized, along with paper bills and financial statements. It has become easier than ever to banish paper clutter and keep your files, photos, and miscellaneous papers in one area. Let's look at some quick tips to help you switch from paper to computer. Image sent by … [Read more...]

An SQL Database Can Help Your Business Succeed if it’s Managed Correctly

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It’s the standard language for database management, according to the American National Standard Institute. SQL is one part of data governance (DG), which is the management of your data’s availability, usability, integrity, and security. Without DG your data is at risk, which puts your business at risk. Employ SQL to ensure that your data is protected and your processes defined, and you’ll be well on your way toward a full set of controls and audit procedures that not only focus on ease-of-use and privacy, but also ensure that you’re compliant with … [Read more...]

Facebook Monitoring Guide for Parents

Ever since the invention of Facebook, it has gained users faster than any social network ever made, beating its competition like MySpace, Friendster, that were the top dogs at that time. With over 1.43 million monthly users, Facebook has definitely established itself as the leading social networking platform available on the internet. Facebook users range from kids, less than eight years old, to adults in the “senior citizen” phase of life. Now, some might argue that Facebook is a necessity that every person must have, because no other platform offers this much connectivity with friends on … [Read more...]

Technology on Lockdown: How to Protect Your IT from Hackers

The ever-changing IT landscape opens new, unforeseen doors to hackers. It seems like companies spend more time protecting their IT network than operating the business they started. Something must be done in order to make it possible for businesses to operate without the constant threat of hackers. Until a universal solution is designed, the following are some ways to tighten up security for your network and company data. Image sent by author Start with Qualified IT Personnel When it comes to your company's data and network security, it is essential to have a team that is fit for … [Read more...]

2 Ways Businesses Can Use Technology To Save Money

Building a small business into a large business requires a lot of time, work and money. The smart entrepreneurs are the ones who use technology to their advantage and save on the money required to move their businesses to the next level. There is a lot of technology available for business to check out, but there are three types of technology that can bring a huge return on investment while still growing your business. VoIP Phone Service In the early days of voice over IP phone service, the quality was unreliable and the service was not very scalable. The idea of being able to use the … [Read more...]

What Careers Are In Demand In Today’s Tech-Driven World?

The tech-driven world demands individuals with a variety of skill sets that understand the landscape. They include front end jobs with webmasters and social media managers to behind the scenes with cyber security analysts, electrical engineers, software developers, and software engineers. Here is a quick look at each career. Image sent by author Webmaster To be successful as a webmaster, professionals have to know their way around the internet and websites. They are the chameleons of IT due to familiarity with design, coding in HTML and JavaScript, content writing, and more. … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Secure your Future in the World of IT

The world of technology continues to change and advance. A career in the IT industry can provide security and a lucrative salary, if you understand what is required to keep your career thriving. The future in IT holds many changes. You need to secure your career and continue to grow as technology grows. Image sent by author Continue Your IT Education Although your skills using specific IT technologies are important, top employers often require at least a bachelor degree and continuing your education. Security is becoming more of a top priority for many organizations. Consider … [Read more...]

Tread carefully with your SEO

If your speciality is running your own business in which you have expertise, you probably already know about the value of specialisation. Trusting the experts in any particular field – people with whom you have a trusted and honest relationship whether suppliers or employees – has long been a central tenet of business success. But that word “trusted” finds a lot of enterprises out to their cost - and the same is true when it comes to online marketing. You don’t have to be an expert, however, to understand that Google rankings come pretty close to being the be all and end all for any … [Read more...]