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How to prepare and secure electronics for moving

The boxes are ready, the bubble wrap is sitting there, waiting to get popped – it’s that time again, it’s time to move. The experience this brings is a good thing, a milestone and new beginning, moving truly can be something to look forward to. The one thorn in everyone’s side usually is – electronics. Hefty, finicky and above all – fragile, these objects designed to make a life easier only make it a living hell when having to move them from point A to point B.  But not all is lost. Image sent by author Mark down what goes where We’ve all been there before, we unpack that sound … [Read more...]

Will The Microsoft Surface Phone Be The Ultimate Mobile Phone?

Microsoft is preparing the launch of the Surface Phone. We can expect to see this phone on the market this year even in 2018. Image source sciencetimes The Microsoft Surface Phone will probably be powered by Windows 10 and besides coming with good tech specifications it will also come with apps designed for it and improved connectivity. Source sciencetimes.com … [Read more...]

Tips for Updating Old or Clunky Electronics at Home

Many things can change during a decade, and technology changes every few years. If you still own any of these bulky devices, you should start shopping for new electronics and make an effort to eliminate electronic waste at home. Image sent by author Landline Telephone Most households do not have a landline phone these days You can use your mobile phone, or you can use a digital phone service. If you need a landline phone, you should purchase a cordless phone and get rid of annoying cords in the process. Home Security Today’s home security systems are a lot more modern than … [Read more...]

Mi 5s – The phone with a difference

The mi-5s is considered to break all the parameters which were earlier set by brands that had no performance but, only brand value. There are many things which a person can rejoice doing in the mi-5s. Some of the brilliant features of the phone are mentioned below, take a look- Image sent by author Display Touchscreen - Yes Screen size - 5.15 inches Pixels per inch - 428 Resolution - 1080 x 1920 pixels The vivid display quality enhances the charm of the phone giving crisp details while a person uses it. With clear views even from the most technical angles, the phone … [Read more...]

Beyond Theater: The Future of VR in the Home

The future of virtual reality (VR) is going to be so immersive it is frightening, but it is frightening in a good way. Home use of virtual reality equipment really should only inspire one fear, and the most frightening things will be the price tags of the amazing equipment. Experiencing a new frontier like tech pioneers will probably be worth the cost though. Being able to grasp the concept of future VR tech requires a briefing on the present and near-future plans first. Image sent by author There are plenty of systems available now, and each one is trying to one-up the other, and … [Read more...]

Tech Innovations in 20016 That Will Affect Business

Did you know that your business depends on your ability to follow the latest trends in technology? At times, it may seem like the latest tech innovations have nothing to do with your line of work, but you need to become a bit tech savvy in order to be able to tell for yourself. At a blink of an eye, something that sounded like a boring talk about some new material may suddenly mean that mobile devices just got five times faster and that you need to get new ones. If you do not stay up to date, your competition definitely will, so it is not really a matter of choice. Here are some things that … [Read more...]

Gadget Preview. Nativ Vita The High-Resolution Music System

I often look for new and exciting gadgets which will be released soon and last week I stumbled upon the Nativ Vita. Image source nativsound.com It is a gadget for music lovers and audiophiles and it promises to be quite cool. This high-resolution music system comes with an integrated memory of 4TB to store music which is impressive (I don't think that my music collection is larger than 100GB). Form the 11.6” touchscreen LCD you will be able to control all your music from the music stored on the device itself to the collection from your computer and smartphone and from places like … [Read more...]

Futuristic Mobile Apps: How Apps Will Ease Up Your Life Ahead

Future belongs to the one who envision it. Mobile app developers around the world are envisioning the future of a better human life. With new wave of technology bridging the gap of real and virtual world, this vision is surely becoming a reality. Mobile applications in future will be crafted for solving real life problems. Mobile app developers are working hard for crafting futuristic app for new generation on a regular basis. Time and again has proved that technology has changed the course of human lives and this again holds true for the times to come. As we sail pass this 21st century, … [Read more...]

Why We Love The Multi-Screen Generation

It's hard to believe just how far we've come with technology screens. Rewind back 10 years ago and there was no Smart TV, no iPad, and the term 'smartphone' certainly wasn't bandied about like it is now. There was a time when a small mobile phone was considered excellent - an innovation to behold. But we've since realized that bigger is better. We're always after more. We need a large smartphone, an even larger iPad because the smartphone isn't quite big enough, and, of course, a laptop because that's even bigger. Image source Pixabay As consumers, we're pleased when we have an array … [Read more...]

5 Simple Suggestions for Finding the Best Deals on Electronics

While big retail websites try to persuade you that they have the cheapest electronics you can possibly find, the truly tech-savvy shoppers are getting some serious deals on the down low. Here are five simple suggestions that can help you join their ranks easily. Image source pixabay.com 1. Look for Refurbished Items Check out store inventories that offer refurbished items along with new ones. The refurbished ones have been used before, but they've been fixed up so they work just as well as new ones. They might even have a warranty for a short period of time. A refurbished product … [Read more...]