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X-mini Max Review

I previously got the pleasure of reviewing the X mini and X mini Uno and I was excited by the opportunity of reviewing the new X-mini Max with the improved sound. X-mini Max is a gadget I love and it will go in our best gadgets top for sure. X-mini Max main features and specs: great sound quality with powerful bass compact (54mm x 82mm) and light (160g) so you can easily carry them anywhere powerful sound (2W x 2) great battery life – up to 18 hours with one charge individual stowaway cables sound control on the cable available in different colors X-mini Max review The new … [Read more...]

Andrew James Ice Cream Maker 1.45 Litre Review

It is hot summer so ice cream is a great desert to cool me down. I was planning to prepare some homemade ice cream but I wanted a device to make my life easier (ice cream can be made at home without an ice cream maker but to make it smooth you have to place it in the freezer and remove it and whisk it and place it back in the fridge and then you have to whisk it again for several times). So when the Andrew James Ice Cream Maker 1.45 Litre arrived I went and bought ingredients for ice cream. The strawberries are in season and naturally I got 1 lb and found an easy ice cream recipe. The … [Read more...]

Yonanas review

A few days ago I wrote about my first impressions with the Yonanas. I was impatient to use it and I didn't used ripe bananas as I should have done (in my local supermarket all bananas were under ripe). Anyhow I waited for the bananas to ripe and pop them in the freezer. I was eager to test the Yonanas again because I like the first ice cream a lot. First let me tell you what is Yonanas The Yonanas is a healthy “ice cream” machine which uses only fruits to make a creamy, smooth desert which tastes like ice cream. Yonanas main features: Makes creamy frozen desserts from fresh frozen … [Read more...]

WakaWaka Power Review

WakaWaka Solar Powered lamp & Mobile phone charger is a solar powered lamp and mobile phone charger, but you can charge pretty much any gadget which uses a USB port for charging. The WakaWaka has an interesting design: it is light and compact (it easily fits in a pocket and it weights just 200g) and looks stylish. The gadget has several useful features especially for people who need a solar power source to charge their phones or need a flashlight. WakaWaka main features: universal mobile phones and other USB powered devices charger with the face panel towards sun it will fully … [Read more...]

iStage Bluetooth Speakers Review

For a few days I am testing the iStage Bluetooth speakers and tablet stand. The iStage is made for people on the move. It was created for people who travel a lot and for the ones who enjoy outdoor activities. The design is compact because the iStage can be folded and also it is scalable which transforms it into a stand for any tablet PC. iStage tablet stand and Bluetooth speaker features and specs: Foldable and easy to carry Multi angle adjustable 10 hours working time Bass boost sound Home theatre audio effect Output Power: 6W S/N: >85dB Power supply:    Lithium battery or … [Read more...]

X-mini Uno Capsule Speaker Review

The X-mini is one of my favorite gadgets and I use it almost every day to listen to music. So when I had the chance of reviewing the X-mini Uno capsule speaker I was enthusiast. The X-mini Uno is even better than the X-mini because it delivers improved sound because it uses a new ceramic driver. It has some useful features like: compatible with mobile phones, Mp3 players, laptops, desktops, tablets, gaming stations and media players. In fact it works with every device which has a 3.5 audio jack the battery life of the UNO has been improved to last up to 20 hours with each charge the … [Read more...]

The End Of Google Reader

There has been a lot of buzz about Google’s decision to discontinue the Google Reader RSS feed.  While some users are upset about this decision, others have realized that there are apps out there which provide better RSS service than the Google Reader.  In truth, there are many of alternatives to Google Reader and many exceed the functionality of this app.  In addition, some users simply do not use RSS feeds as a key component in their news and information consumption.  RSS is an important aspect of information on the internet but Google Reader seemed to  be lacking in the social interaction … [Read more...]

10 Thing You Never Knew Were Invented By The Irish

The Irish are famous the world over for a lot of things. From poets and playwrites to actors and renowned musicians, the Irish have certainly left their mark. But did you know that some of the world's best known inventions were created by Irish people? John Philip Holland from County Clare developed the first submarine to be formally commissioned by the US Navy. Jon Joly from County Offaly is famous for his development of radiotherapy in the tratment of cancer and also for creating a successful process for creating color images from a single photographic plate. This Inforgraphic was produced … [Read more...]

RAC Pebble LED Wind up Eco Torch and RAC VoicePort Connect Bluetooth Headset Reviewed

I just got some new “toys” to test. I go the RAC Pebble LED Wind up Eco Torch and the RAC VoicePort Connect Bluetooth Headset. The products were sent to me by by RAC which are famous for their route planner. Both products are useful for car owners but the Eco Torch is a good gadget to have with you when going outdoors. RAC Pebble LED Wind up Eco Torch Review The RAC Pebble is a rubberised eco torch with 3 super bright LEDs. And it does not need batteries to operate. The torch is powered by spinning the handle. The torch is really easy to use and it provides sufficient light.  This eco … [Read more...]

Is Asus EeePad Transformer Prime TF201 Tablet Worth Buying?

Since they were launched on the market tablet PCs fascinated me because they were small, light and offered good computing power. Also I love to read and my library’s shelves were full of books so I really needed an ebook reader. I wanted a device which can be used as a computer and as an ebook reader. Long battery life and computing power were the features I wanted the most. So I have begun my quest on finding the best tablet PC for my needs. The iPad was my first option, but since I don’t like to pay for the brand I have looked for a gadget which had similar features and a better … [Read more...]