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Pink Unicorn Squishy | Jumbo and Slow Rising

Squishies are a new trend originated from Japanese popculture. They are cute soft toys that you can easily squish with little force and they will automatically pop back into form afterwards. Squishies (or kawaii squishies as they are originally called) are a product of the Japanese kawaii culture, where “kawaii” literally …

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High-Tech Hunting Gadgets You Never Knew About

While there are few things as primal as killing your own food, that doesn’t mean you can’t include technology in the process. After all, you don’t want your early mornings and cold fingers to amount to no results. Utilizing technology can allow you to make more of the time you …

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7 Best Gadget and Accessories for Your Smartphone

Smartphone technology is evolving rapidly, bringing about thrilling new options and possibilities. People are empowered use their precious devices to do everything from uploading photos to Instagram and playing games to controlling the smart lighting systems and locating missing cars. Indeed, latest smartphone products resemble small computers, and just like …

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Greatest Gadgets for Some Entertainment On The Go

Wondering what you could buy to keep yourself buys during those long travels? While you are commuting be it to work or to visit someone, a device is required to keep you busy and entertained. Or you may just have a flight that spans hours or a train journey where …

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The iPhone X – an expensive way to glimpse the future

Don’t whatever you do, call the new Apple phone, the iPhone “X” – those in the know are calling it the iPhone “ten”. That X is a Roman numeral apparently, or possibly a little joke from Apple given that it’s ten years since they launched the first of their ground …

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Turn your Smartphone into a Microscope!

Finally, a smartphone microscope that produces crisp, high quality images. Just beyond what the eyes can see – there is an amazing microscopic world, waiting to be discovered. But not every phone magnifier is awesome. Many attempts to magnify with a single lens have created less than satisfactory images. Now, …

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Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets

With the right kitchen gadgets, cooking, preparing and preserving foods is a breeze. If you’re looking for a gift for a budding chef or want to upgrade the facilities in your own kitchen, take a look at these top 10 kitchen gadgets: Image source Pixabay Apple Divider Simple but elegant, …

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3 Techy Gadgets to Upgrade Your Home’s Security

There are different reasons why people decide to secure their homes. However, everyone wants a system with a guarantee of efficiency that does not require a lot of maintenance. Security companies sell that have advanced beyond simple locks and keys. Read about 3 advanced gadgets that will dramatically improve your …

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6 Green Gadgets to Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly

As we’re all trying to do our part in preserving natural resources and spending less money, considering some modern gadgets that help us be even greener is always a good idea. Companies from all over the world are doing their best to make appliances and gadgets that are consuming less …

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