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Best Valentine’s Day Gadgets

Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating love, friendship and relationships. Like most of our modern holidays, commercialism has infiltrated and taken over the occasion, but the giving and receiving of gifts does not have to be without feeling. All this emotion can make shopping for the perfect gift for …

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Top electronic gadgets for 2012

Technology is moving so quickly it’s hard to keep pace. Every few months, new gadgets are launched onto the market aimed at making life faster and easier. However, it is usually in the first few months of the year we see the biggest ‘reveals’. Technology companies want to be the …

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High-Speed Internet

I do love my broad band internet connection. It offers hi speeds and it is great for uploading or downloading content and researching for new posts which for me means to have 5-20 tabs open. I have to admit I’m an internet addict. When I go in vacation I almost …

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Track Your Shipment Through IPhone

The Apple IPhone has, like all of Apple’s technological innovations, transformed the connection of our world. Today, anything is possible within the realm of human experience because of technology. Along these lines, the IPhone offers the opportunity to track packages with its numerous package trackers available as IPhone applications. There …

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12 Awesome Gift Ideas For Geeks

If you’ve got a geeky friend who really doesn’t appreciate getting a wallet or a pair of gloves as gifts, don’t feel lost. We’ve come up with 12 awesome gift ideas that’ll appeal to your geek pal’s geekiest side! In the geek gift world, there’s no lack of imagination when …

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iPhone 4S Overtakes Android

In less than 2 months the iPhone 4S has outsold its Android competition in the United Kingdom. Android has been enjoying a lot of success in 2011, with phones like the Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation helping Google’s mobile operating system to eat up a significant market share. But …

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Kitchen Gadgets And Accessories

I like this new healthy eating trend. In the last years famous chefs like Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey, Rachael Ray and others taught people how healthy, tasty and fun home coked meals are. The fact that people start to cook instead of buying and eating all sorts of junk foods …

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Use Your Touch Screen Without Taking Off Your Winter Gloves

Capacitive touchscreens don’t work with winter gloves. To solve this problem Mujjo came up with the revolutionary conductive touchscreen glove. The Mujio gloves try to solve your problem with using a touch screen device when you are outside and you have your gloves on. Because touch screen don’t work wit …

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