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4 Simple Gadgets That Make Life Easier After Retirement

Technology is making our world easier to live in every day. Individuals in the later stages of their lives have found that his new technology is making retirement easier than ever. There are many simple gadgets that can make life easier during retirement. Image sent by author The Grand Care System This care system is an incredible new home device that can greatly help seniors during retirement. With an internet connection and designated wireless sensors throughout a residence, a caregiver can communicate and check in on a senior to determine their well-being. Caregivers will also … [Read more...]

The Dark Side Gadgets?

Forget gearing up for the holidays, we’re gearing up for the Star Wars! Think you already own all the coolest gear in the galaxy? Think again! The What on Earth Catalog has a slew of lightsaber gadgets that go far beyond fighting The Dark Side. The battleground isn’t in a land far, far away - it’s in your kitchen. Feel the power of The Force in your hand and use it for good...food! Use the cutting power of your lightsaber to slice the cheesiest of pizzas. Or, hold on tight as you harness The Force to bring food together in order to form a more perfect smoothie. But once the cooking is … [Read more...]

Customize Your Gadgets. Create Your Own Xbox One Console, Controller and our iPhone 7 Cases

I like that this days we can customize and personalize almost everything. I am a huge fan of personalizing my gadgets and creating unique items and I found a site Called Skinit which allows me to make custom cases for my devices. In today's post I will show you how to create your own cases for Xbox one, and iPhone 7. Customizing something is really easy. My first attempt was to create a Xbox One Case. The first step is to provide an image. TIP: there are a lot of cool image which you can use for free at https://pixabay.com. Images source Skinit.com For creating a Xbox case I … [Read more...]

3 Techie Gadgets to Help You Explore the Outdoors

Although our lives may be busy, hectic and full of surprises, new science has shown that Mother Nature may be the one element we've failed to utilize to align our lives. In fact, research has shown that a mere walk in the woods can increase the amount of white blood cells (the cells used to fight disease and sickness) and lower your blood pressure. However, you don't have to abandon your favorite technological devices in order to get back in touch with your roots! Image sent by author Drones Drones seem to be on the tip of everyone's tongue in the new technology economy with … [Read more...]

Autumn Essentials for Techy Gentlemen

Autumn is right around the corner, which means for much of the country, it's time to put away the shorts and sneakers, and pull out the sweaters and jackets from the closet. Whether you're a college student or own a successful business, staying in line with current trends and dressing to impress are always good habits to keep. These are the must-have men's accessories for fall. Image source Pixabay Sunglasses It may seem counter-intuitive to list sunglasses first (after all, this list is for autumn essentials, not summer essentials), but remember that with fall comes a sun that is … [Read more...]

8 Useful Gadgets for Daily Life Infographic

With the advancement in technology we are using a lot of products for various purposes. It’s now so easy to do texting, calling, listen songs and watch videos with the use of a smartphone. There are a lot of gadgets that have become a part of our daily life making it much easier such as a power bank  which is portable, so can be carried anywhere after charging and you can use it to charge your smartphone when there is no switch board or even when there is power cut. You can charge your phone while you are driving a car or travelling in a car or train. The infographic below from Meairaq depicts … [Read more...]

Oittm Bluetooth Headphones Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Earphones

Bluetooth headsets offer a lot of advantages. These devices work wireless so we can say good by the tangled wires. In plus the wireless headphones are super simple to use. Because these gadgets utilize Bluetooth technology pairing them to phone or tablet is really easy. Today I am going to show you a good headset for sport activities - Oittm Bluetooth Headphones Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Earphones Sweatproof In-Ear Sports Running Headsets with Mic and Noise Cancelling for iPhone 6/6s/6s Plus,Samsung Galaxy S7 and Android Phones. Image source Amazon The Oittm Bluetooth Headphones … [Read more...]

How To Repair Your Favorite Gadgets Without Breaking The Bank

As a gadget owner, you will come across that dreaded time when you need a repair. A screen will crack. A button will stop responding. A unit will become unhinged. You don’t have to break your bank because of it, however. The following are three ways you can repair your favorite gadgets without having to spend all of your money. Image sent by author Try a DIY Job You may want to try to fix the unit yourself if you are mechanically inclined. Depending on the problem, the parts may be inexpensive. You will have the most reasonable labor cost in the market. The downside is that you … [Read more...]

8 Gadgets that Will Improve Your Daily Life

While the jury is still out on whether technology is making our lives easier, there’s no doubt all of the gadgets and gizmos that have become a mainstay in our homes are making our lives better. A lot of technology that is improving our lives is invisible. From tech that streamlines sewage system oversight to tech that makes virtual energy infrastructure management possible, we benefit from innovation in myriad unseen ways. Image source Pixabay But plenty of the gadgets that improve our daily lives are things we choose to bring into our homes, either out of necessity or simple … [Read more...]

Gadgets that Will Make Your Entrepreneurial Adventure Worthwhile

Technology can be a double-edged sword in the modern world. It can either help you save time and effort, or bog you down with new systems and functions that barely make any sense at all. If you're a new entrepreneur, you need gadgets that will keep your ambition fueled to go the extra mile. Take a look at some of these next generation gadgets. Image sent by author Organizing Your Receipts If you have a drawer or a shoebox full of receipts, it can really take the wind out of your entrepreneurial sails. You need to maximize the amount of time you spend on administration, and that … [Read more...]