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The Oculus Rift: The Next Big Thing in Horror Gaming?

For those of you who don't know about the Rift, here is the skinny, the low down, the Big Picture. Oculus Rift is a headset, but not just any headset. This fancy looking piece of equipment is so impressive that mega social media giant, Facebook, bought the company that designed the Rift for a price upwards of two billion dollars, an astronomical price to pay for something that people wear on their heads. So, what does this thing do that makes it so special? It is possibly the worlds most advanced Virtual Reality gaming machine. Period. This headset will drop a user, instantaneously, into a … [Read more...]

G-PAD – Turn your iPhone into a clunky Game Boy

Do you ever feel like your iPhone is just too sleek and sophisticated? Do you long for the clunkier feel of an old Nintendo Game Boy? If you answered "Yes", then you're in luck. The new G-Pad device could be for you. It works on iPhone 5, 5S and 5C, as well as with the iPad mini and iPod touch. Image sent by author Video games today are immersive experiences with hyper realistic graphics and action sequences. It's a far cry from the 1990s, when Game Boys were the hot new thing. Graphics and game play were both a lot more simplistic then, and the enormous selection of games we enjoy now did … [Read more...]

Some all time favorite sidekicks and wingmen in video games

Throughout the decades in comics, movies, and books, the hero's sidekick has been an important element in the story. The Lone Ranger had Tonto, Batman had Robin, and the Green Hornet had Kato. The tradition continues in gaming; as the hero's wingman is called on to help him out. Here are some of the favorite sidekicks in video games. Image sent by author Sully, in the Uncharted Series As Nathan Drake pursues his flying adventures around the world, his sidekick Victor Sullivan ("Sully"), is his faithful companion. The duo travel together, facing life-threatening adventures, … [Read more...]

The science of game addiction

Video game addiction is a phenomenon that has been getting a lot of attention in the mainstream media in recent years. While most people think of hardcore gamers as being the most likely to be "addicts", mobile users and casual gamers can be addicted to their chosen form of entertainment too. The most prominent video game addiction cases in recent years relate to World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and other similar games. Young Korean professional gamers have been known to die of exhaustion after Starcraft gaming marathons, and parents have allowed their children to die of neglect while … [Read more...]

How the movie industry is adopting video game technology?

Games based on movies are pretty common and most of them are all about living the story rather than engaging in a furious combat. It is however true that a lot of these games copied from movies end up getting bad reviews even though the story was crafted to perfection. There’s always something wrong with them and they never seem to meet fans’ expectations. Image sent by author Movies inspired from video games – flawlessly crafted virtual worlds A lot of directors have the ability to bring a game to life and unlike a video game (that looks mechanical made), movies inspired from games are … [Read more...]

Grand Theft Auto V: A Portrait of a Technical and Commercial Success

After the release of Grand Theft Auto IV in April of 2008, Rockstar began working on the preliminary stages of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V). The team consisted of over 1,000 people, with the core developers at Rockstar North totaling roughly 360 people. Image source wizigames.blogspot.com One of the most important factors to their developmental success was how efficiently the core team collaborated with the other teams brought onto the project. These units were spread across separate countries and continents, making the process of communication essential for the game's overall success. By … [Read more...]

Electronic Gaming: A War With Many Fronts

In the years of our fathers (or grandfathers, for the particularly young ones), electronic gaming was pretty much a niche interest reserved for the more socially awkward and unpopular kids and kids at heart. The industry was small, comprising of a handful of companies like Atari, and a few ragtag programmers who made games for computers that weren’t primarily game stations (PCs and Apple computers). Pinterest We look at things now, and it’s a multi-billion dollar global industry, with production and marketing budgets reaching levels that used to be reserved only for TV, movie or musical … [Read more...]

Call of Duty: What is all the Fuss About?

Since 2007, there has been one game that has dominated the gaming world. In 2010, the game had grossed $1 billion and sales worldwide are around the 25 million mark to become the biggest selling game of all time across Europe, the UK and the US. There is only one game that has had such an impact the world over and that is the Call of Duty series. The obsession began 5 years ago and has shown no sign of easing; there are constant updates, new releases, and different variations of the popular game, which has held the consumer interest. Images sent by author Online gaming is a popular … [Read more...]

Five Qualities That Make Flash Games Incredibly Popular

Flash games are not only popular as a recreation tool, but they are equally effective marketing tool as well. Websites use attractive games to drag traffic on the websites. Image source sxc.hu There are five distinct qualities that make Flash games credibly popular across the globe. It is easier to develop interactive and interesting games using Flash technology. You can find hundreds of games available on the Internet to polish your skills sharpen the reflexes and enhance the creativity. They are excellent in killing the boredom and that is the reason these games are popular among all … [Read more...]

The Top Five Nintendo 64 Games of All Time

The Nintendo 64 (or N64) was Nintendo's third game console designated for the international market. It was released in 1996 in Japan and North America and in 1997 in Europe and Australia. The console used ROM cartridges and was succeeded by the GameCube in 2001. The console was immensely popular, boasting an array of beloved games. Five of the best selling, most popular games are described below. Image source ign.com Super Smash Brothers Super Smash Brothers was the fifth-most-sold game for Nintendo 64, selling 5.55 million copies around the world. The game was published in 1999 by … [Read more...]