The Smart For Life

The Smart for Life Smart and Rapid Weight Loss program features the use of our unique Smart Products. They come as Smart Cookie squares, muffins, shakes, soups and desserts. What we’re most famous for is our all natural Smart Cookie square with organic ingredients. It’s scientifically formulated to be a …

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Strange Twist in Craigslist Classified Ads

The critics of have many things to say about this almost free service. Despite the furor, however, the loyal users of Craiglist continue to rely on this site for its various features. What is disheartening to note is that some of its users are taking advantage of the classified …

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Craigslist Overview

We often post our resume when finding a job in a job database site like Craigslist. We do this for others to know how serious we are in finding a job. It is also the easiest way for employers to view our credentials if we fit for the offer and …

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