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7 Essential Tips to Boost Your Android Battery Life

Present day smartphone devices are equipped with more battery power to stay for m=longer time. Still, you need to follow certain steps to avoid battery drain. Let’s discuss 7 essential tips to boost your Android battery life. Turn off Wi-Fi & Bluetooth: If you are using Wi-Fi frequently to send and receive data and to access network for other tasks then it may cause a significant battery drain. Keeping Wi-Fi radio on regularly, even when you don’t use it, can consume a lot of battery as it keeps on sniffing out for networks nearby. Try to toggle off Wi-Fi when you are not going to use … [Read more...]

How can your Smartphone Make you Money?

I think we all know that smartphones are not the cheapest gadgets out there. Their sophisticated and strong hardware, amazing screens, massive storage space, and graphics performance all cost money. And if you use them in the way most other smartphone users do, they don't add monetary value to your life - or, in layman's terms, they don't make you money. But there are ways in which smartphones can be used to pay for at least mobile broadband - or even themselves. Micro-jobs Hiring people to do individual jobs is not a new thing, but it has reached its apogee in the smartphone era. Now … [Read more...]

Rumor Has It: Apple to Ditch 16GB iPhone Option

If recent rumors are to be believed, Apple may say goodbye to the 16GB iPhone model this fall, instead opting to start the lineup with the 32GB model. Obviously, this would allow iPhone owners more space for storing photos, videos, and personal content. The Wall Street Journal broke the news, crediting an unnamed source with ties to Apple. Image source Pixabay Apparently, this fall’s updated iPhone models will come in 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB sizes, favoring more storage space. But why is this change happening now? Camera improvements in the new iPhone, warrants additional space … [Read more...]

4 Accessories to Take Your iPhone to Another Level

So you've got the iPhone, do you? Well, that is a good place to start in the awesome world of smartphones. But now that you have it, you're going to want to have all of the sweet accessories that come with it in order to really rev that phone of yours up to the next level. Image sent by author In this article, we compiled just a couple of the items that you may want to consider getting in order to really make that new iPhone of yours shine like it should. Protective Case The first accessory that you will want to obtain (and believe me, you will want to obtain it fast), is a … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Buying a Camera Case

If you're a photographer on the move, a camera case is one of the most important things you can buy. You'll need something strong and stylish as you wander through birthdays, weddings and African safaris. But what if you've never purchased a camera case before? What criteria should you use to make your decision? Here are just a few ideas. 1. Price Never go shopping without a budget in mind. Camera cases can range from simple and affordable to high-tech and expensive, so if you only have so much money to spend, you might have to sacrifice your "dream case" for one that functions well … [Read more...]

Nomophobia: Are You Addicted To Your Mobile?

You can’t deny that technology is taking over our lives. It influences our thoughts, movement, sleep, work routine and quality family time. The 60s and 70s were all about the hippie movement and rock and roll. The 80s saw the introduction of the personal computer, and the 21st century brought us the war on terror and the social media phenomenon. How will historians look back on this time? No doubt, it will be remembered as the age of the SmartPhones. Image source http://pixabay.com Look around you – how many people do you see sat in a coffee shop reading a newspaper or on the tube … [Read more...]

Jiayu mobile brand

Jiayu is a Chinese leading hi-tech enterprise engaged in development, production and marketing of mobile devices. Jiayu smartphones are by now gaining global recognition and reputation providing great possibilities at a reasonable price. It is a rather promising mobile brand investing much of financial and human resources into research and innovations as well as into quality of the products. The most popular Jiayu smartphones are Jiayu G5S and Jiayu S2 which we are going to review and estimate for you to make your choice simpler and clearer. A modern mobile owner faces a hard choice as there … [Read more...]

Cellphone evolution in your pocket

There were times when mobile phones were used only for making telephone calls or sending messages. These dinosaurs had clearly motivated function – to provide simple connection between people without involving wires and additional gadgets. Time flies, more and more cellphones are oriented not to communication only but also entertainment. Users are welcome to listen to the music and amuse themselves with the help of games. And finally cellphones turn into real computers with complicated system, numerous functions and applications. Cellphones are used everywhere, they are our source of … [Read more...]

Latest News on Android Devices

Android provides power to the devices of some of the most well known phone and tablet makers in the industry such as HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, Samsung, Asus and more. They are packed with high-resolution cameras and displays that provide you the flexibility you need all the time. The range of these devices is so large, that almost everyone can find his kind of Android version. This is because Android shares global partnership network with more than 300 carriers across 169 countries. Latest Devices with Android Version Here is a list of the latest devices which have managed to incorporate … [Read more...]

Make a Business Based Around the Smartphone

We are at the tail end of 2013, and we are pretty much at the peak of the next stage of the mobile phone market: touchscreen smartphones. The form factor was mostly popularized with the arrival of the Apple iPhone, demolishing just about everything the previous mobile phone makers (Nokia, Motorola, etc.) have established. Pinterest If you’re not a sizeable electronics company (not yet, anyway), competing and coming out with your own smartphone isn’t exactly a viable business plan. Just recently, Blackberry, a smashing success of a smartphone company just four or so years back, is now … [Read more...]