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Your Mobile Phone Spy App; The Perfect Solution To A Few Problems Of Yours

The use of a mobile phone spy has certainly increased throughout the world. It’s not that there is any kind of problem or anything but because things have slowly started to get out of hand. Let’s start from your home; you have kids whom you would want to keep an eye on. What they use their mobile for is a pretty important thing and it’s important that you know who they are talking to and what kind of activities they are involved in. Image sent by author The Problems: Kids are easily shaped and manipulated by their surroundings and the people they interact with and hang out with on a daily … [Read more...]

Mobile Apps and the Changing Business Trends

Had this been ten years back in time, it would have been difficult to get a grip or even simply imagine how mobile applications could have changed the face of business or life. The smartphones are now account for 80% of the market and for this reason, firms are now significantly shifting or rather migrating to mobile apps as this has become the recent rooster on the platform. Image sent by author Being able to process the information real time is one of the best advantages that you enjoy by using business apps. A lot of time is saved. Apps can instantly collect and process data and you can … [Read more...]

The iPhone 5S – what to expect?

Any new release from Apple is bound to attract its share of attention, and the upcoming iPhone 5S - which is due to be announced on September 10th - is certainly no exception. While you're waiting for the device to hit stores like E2Save in the months to come, why not take a look at all the juiciest rumours and gossip right here! Image source e2save.com iOS 7 It'd be pretty strange if the iPhone 5S wasn't designed to show off the iOS 7 to its fullest advantage, so that's exactly what we expect to see. With a flatter, more functional new look and the quick-access Control Centre, it's a … [Read more...]

Top 5 Guitar Apps For iPhone and iPad

Those whose passion is music, can’t live without it any single day. And, if you’re a musician, the iPhone definitely has something for you. Here are top 5 various apps that guitarists find useful and fun. And even for those who has never held the guitar in his hands, it’s definitely something new. So, instead of taking the guitar with you everywhere and downloading the soft to your PC, try this: 1. Pocket Guitar. It makes a guitar on your iPhone or iPad touch. You can see the strings and actually treat it like a real guitar. There are 6 instruments mode: Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Electric … [Read more...]

8 Apps to De-stress Travel Plans

When going on holiday or business trip there are essential items that you can install on your smartphone device to make sure your trip is stress free. The app market is like the modern day Swiss-army knife, offering a wide range of practical and intelligent apps to save you time, money and keep you entertained. Below are apps that should be installed on every smart phone before venturing out into the big wide world. 1. Holiday planner App WorldMate Images sent by author Worldmate is most likely the closest thing to a personal assistant you will be able to find in an application. This … [Read more...]

HTC: Time for a change

HTC has launched its biggest ever global ad campaign, which will feature a new ‘Here’s to Change’ strap line and the face of Robert Downey Jr, star of Iron Man. Downey Jr, who was named last month by Forbes as Hollywood’s highest-paid actor, has signed a two-year contract with HTC, rumoured to be worth $12m, in a bid to help revitalise the brand. Image source thenextweb.com This is the first time HTC has used a celebrity in its advertising, but it is thought the A-lister will help promote the hugely speculated ‘phablet’ HTC One Max, which has been leaked in several online pictures over … [Read more...]

Find what businesses are nearest to you with the Justdial iPhone App

Explore places around you or find the direction of the place you want to go with the help of Justdial App. This feature called 'Near Me' is probably one of the highlights of the App. This feature makes it easy for you to find all the places near you. Download this App on your iPhone and explore as many places as you can. Justdial App is easy to use, and so is this feature. Use this App to find businesses, products or services wherever you want. This iPhone App for local search comes with different features that makes it more essential to have on your iPhone. The 'Near Me' function helps you … [Read more...]

Your Smartphone is a Snitch – How to Stay Away From Identity Theft

Developments in technology allow us to do a whole host of amazing things through our phones which may have seemed almost impossible just a few years ago. There are apps for just about everything you could imagine, with hundreds of new ones being created each month to make life a bit easier. There is a darker side to the mobile app industry, however, and along with all the data sharing and increased device usability comes a host of potential security threats, many of which you would never even know about. Secret Information Sharing from Apps Image Via Flickr by Phil Roeder The Wall Street … [Read more...]

LG Optimus F7: A Great Mid-tier Smartphone

One of the most challenging things for small to mid-sized business to do is to budget their limited funds so that they can acquire everything they need without incurring unnecessary debts. Perhaps the endeavor that every businessman should put the most devotion to is the selection of the gadgets they need for business communication. Without an effective business communication setup, the company will pass up on opportunities to boost their efficiency and productivity. Image sent by author Smartphones have now occupied the pimp spot in a business communication system. It is the most mobile … [Read more...]

Moto X: Will it Herald a New Age of Affordable Devices?

Motorola has been in the news of late with talk of its upcoming Moto X handset doing the rounds in the rumour mill, originally as a project led by Google and dubbed the X Phone. However, the search giant seems to have distanced itself somewhat and the device now looks to be emerging under its current name, at an event that has been scheduled for 1 August. The handset doesn’t look to be particularly high-end and appears to sit within the mid-range of the smartphone market, so could the Moto X herald a new era of handsets that veer away from the incredibly competitive high-end market that has … [Read more...]