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TOTALLEE Thin Leather iPhone 7 Plus Case Review

The TOTALLEE thin leather iPhone 7 Plus case is a ultra thin case. In fact it is one of the thinnest phone's cases I ever seen. Image source totalleecase.com It is cut to fit the phone perfectly and allow the user easy access to all the ports and phone's functions as a it should. I like the fact that it is not slippery and I can hold it firmly in my hand. The case provides easy access to the charging and headset ports and near the phone's speakers it is cut to allow the sound to pass thru. Form a design perspective this case is minimalist. It is a simple, thin case which … [Read more...]

Terrapin Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Genuine Leather Wallet – Black Review

The latest product I got to review is the Terrapin Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Genuine Leather Wallet. It is an elegant real leather case for the Terrapin Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.   The phone fits well in the case and I have easy access to all the ports and buttons. I also checked and the earphones can be used with the cover on. The phone seems to be well protected by the case and the camera gest some extra protection as it should. Besides being a phone cover and a protective case the Terrapin for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus case is also a wallet. The wallet function is quite … [Read more...]

Google Home. The newest Gadget from Google

Smart homes became a reality in the last few years and Google is trying to get in the game with their latest gadget called Google Home. In this article you will find out what is Google Home, what are its best features, which are the gadget’s minuses and if it is worth buying. What is Google Home? Google Home is basically a voice activated speaker which is intended to become your personal virtual assistant. It can do all sorts of things from playing music to allowing vocal searches in Google. It can also work together with other tech gadgets and help you control you home using … [Read more...]

Leawo DVD Copy Review

The latest software I testes was the Leawo DVD Copy. This is a program for DVD backups and for copying DVDs. There are two versions for this software a free trial and the full version. I tested the full version, the Laeawo team offered me a license for testing the product. Installing Leawo DVD Copy program was really simple and it was installed in less than 2 minutes. The first thing I noticed was the user's interface. It is simple and effective. I like this. The interfaces is intuitive and there is not a learning curve. It took me less than 5 minutes to accommodate with the … [Read more...]

Pitaka Aramid Iphone 7 Case Review

I just got the Pitaka Aramid Iphone 7 Case to review. When the manufacturer asked me to review pone of its products I opted for a black and gray iPhone 7 case. It is quite an interesting product because it is made from aramid fibers which are supposed to be 5 times stronger than steel of the same weight. Images sources Pitaka website So I wanted to see how this phone case will perform because I read on their blog that these types of fibers are superior to carbon. At first the phone case does not look much. It has a simple and clean design and also noticed a design feature which … [Read more...]

SADES SA-917 Gaming Headset Review

I tested some cool products lately and one of them is the SADES SA-917. This is a wired gaming headset which works by plugging it in a USB port. Working via USB is quite a good idea because most laptops feature one microphone&speakers-in while the desktops have two different ones: a mic-in and a speakers-in. This is annoying because I can't use the same headset on my laptop and on my computer. The SADES SA-917 doesn't require an aux-in or something similar. It works via USB and simply by using the Plug and Play technology both the head-speakers and the microphone work. Seiitech USB … [Read more...]

1byone Digital Wireless Smart Body Fat Scale Review

If you read my blpg before you know that I love to review cool gadgets. The latest thing I got for review was the 1byone Digital Wireless Smart Body Fat Scale with Phone and Tablet App to Manage Your Weight, Advanced Bluetooth Technology to Monitor Your Diet. Like any tech enthusiast I like to watch The Big Bang Theory and in one episode Sheldon says to the guys "Everything is better with Bluetooth"! I wanted to test Sheldon's theory while testing this smart scale. The 1byone Wireless Smart Body Fat Scale is in fact a modern scale which incorporates Bluetooth technology for … [Read more...]

Shortee Stylus Review

The latest gadget I got for review is the Shortee Stylus. It is a pen which can be used to operate touch screens. This gadget is small and and features a conductive fabric micro-fibre tip which will make it work on all touch screens. Image source expertshielduk.com A big plus for this pen is the fact that it works even if you have an anti-scratch foil on you smartphone. The most expensive smartphone use technologies like Gorilla glass to protect their screens but cheaper models use a protective foil and the problem with this foil is that it does not work with the majority of touch screen … [Read more...]

Power Bank Charger for Cell Phones Review

I was not the biggest smartphone fan. I only got one because my tablet broke down and the guys from the service did not repair it properly. The main disadvantage of a smartphone is that you always need a socket to charge it because if you use your phone intensively it will go from 100% battery to 0% in less than 1 day. Almost all smartphones users carry with them the charger. So I like smartphones as mini computers but not so much as actual phones because they run out of battery really fast. However there is a simple fix. There are gadgets called Power Banks which are compatible with a … [Read more...]

PC Keeper LIVE Review. Keep Your Computer Safe and Make it Run Faster

I recently stumbled upon a new piece of software called PC Keeper Live. It was designed to increase the computer’s performance, fix dangerous system errors and provide 24/7 live technical support. If you ever looked for a PC boosting/performance increasing software you know that there are hundreds of software which promise to keep you computer safe and make it run faster. Most of them under deliver: an old PC will still move like an old PC. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much from this program, but PC Keeper Live proved to be a nice surprise. The first thing I noticed was the smart … [Read more...]