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A Short History of Headphones

When one looks at headphones it becomes more than obvious that this object represents both one's desire for privacy and one's need for fun. With them, one can listen to music, audio books, recollect with their previous recording or even communicate with others. Still, the headphone technology changed and evolved quite a bit over the course of years. With this in mind, how did we come from first 10 pound heavy headsets to miniature, yet powerful, peripherals? In order to answer this question, here is a brief history of headphones. Images sent by author 1.      The first steps When … [Read more...]

Techy Home: 3 Affordable & Modern Tech Amenities Your Home Is Lacking

As technology continues to come into our homes and impact our lives, people have to keep up. If you don't look at upgrading every now and again, your home is eventually going to fall behind. New tech can be more than just fun - it can save you significant amounts of money and time as you go about your day, or have your back if you're being particularly forgetful. If you don't have or haven't thought of getting any of these three affordable and modern tech amenities, your home might very well be lacking. Image sent by author 1. A Smart Speaker Home smart speakers are rapidly … [Read more...]

High-Tech Clinics: 5 Gadgets You Need to Better Treat Your Patients

Every healthcare professional's primary goal is to care for their patients. A dedicated provider must keep an open mind and search out new technology. Every single day researchers form every corner of the globe come closer to a procedure or invention that has the potential to change the world. What follows is a look at a few exciting products that can help you treat your patients today. These technologies can have a real, positive impact on your patient's satisfaction. Image source Pixabay Portable Ultrasound Machine Pregnant women and their children are among the most vulnerable … [Read more...]

Best Technology Gadgets that Move Us

Every time we turn on the television or go online, we are bombarded with the latest technology gadgets and gizmos. There seem to be so many new ways to improve our lives that are just a click away. But which gadgets and new technology will be useful in the real world? Researching your options is important in making good purchasing decisions. You don’t want to get a new tool, just to have it become obsolete in a few months. Below, we have gone ahead and done some of this research for you. These new gadgets will surely outlive your credit card bill AND simplify your life. Jaguar … [Read more...]

Smart Door Locks: Hi-Tech Features for Protecting Your Home

It’s not home if it doesn’t feel safe. We are witnesses to the surge of latest additions in surveillance and safety technologies. The first wave of these found their home, ironically, in the hotels. We all remember the first time we’ve been given a card instead of a key at the reception desk. Images sent by author From then on, it’s all about the slots, number pads and digits. These smart door locks have slowly crept into residential buildings, starting with the overall building entrances, and proceeded to “conquer” our homes. Nowadays, these smart door locks, the high-tech features … [Read more...]

Creating a Home Entertainment Centre for the Whole Family to Enjoy

As advanced technology becomes more affordable, the dream of having a family theatre room becomes more real than ever. Still, hi-tech equipment alone doesn’t make a media room. A truly enjoyable home entertainment centre needs to be carefully designed with an absolute comfort and functionality in mind. Once the job is done, many people use such a room as both media and living room, leaving the rest of the home free of electronics. Following these tips, you too can build a home theatre room that both kids and adults will love. Images sent by author Organise the space The main … [Read more...]

5 Relevant Medical Technology Innovations

Cheaper, faster andmore efficient patient care is the biggest focus of modern medical technology companies, especially owing to the recent health care reform and a controversial medical device tax. Medical innovations, despite the limited financing and other, mostly financially-oriented, setbacks, have managed to bring a whole lot to the table! Here are some of the most interesting medical technology innovations. Electronic aspirin Images source Pixabay One of the most commonly-known medicines, aspirin is used for everything from migraines, to cluster headaches and chronic, … [Read more...]

The Advantages of a Paperless Warehouse Management System

Order picking is a crucial warehouse logistics process that can be summed up as collecting a specific quantity of articles before shipment to satisfy customers’ orders. Therefore, it’s a critical link in the supply chain that accounts for a lot of its productivity and efficiency. Twenty years ago, paper picking was a normal practice in small and medium sized companies in retail and distribution. Using paper sheets only makes sense - after all, it’s the easiest, old school “entry point” for companies that can’t invest in better technologies. However, this practice is giving way to more … [Read more...]

3D Printing: How long will it go in 2017?

The last few years have seen numerous technologies rise and fall, various technologies blossoming, and, last but not least, the birth of future-changing technologies. One of the technologies that fit in the last category is 3D-printing – a technology that is still in its very early stages, yet shows to be very promising, and has the potential of changing the way we build things, whether we’re talking about simple products, cars or even buildings. There are very few technologies that have such a dramatic impact on all other industries, but 3D-printing did it, and we can safely say that the best … [Read more...]

3 Technology Must-Haves For The Modern Business

Modern businesses increasingly rely on technology, and if your company's technology is outdated you will likely have a hard time on a number of levels. You won't be able to provide what customers expect and you are missing out on some fantastic technologies that make our lives easier and more productive. If you're unsure about what technologies are now considered must-haves for businesses, let this be your guide. Here are three technology must-haves for the modern business. Image sent by author 1. Social Media Profiles If your company is not active on social media, you are missing … [Read more...]