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Factors to Consider When Buying Students Gadgets

Gadgets can make or break a student’s academic performance. This is why before buying them the gadgets they will use for school and also for their personal needs, we need to consider some important things to ensure these gadgets can bring them personal growth and academic success. Image source sxc.hu …

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Scientists Blast EU Regulations

In an open letter to the EU’s health commissioner Tonio Borg, fifteen prominent scientists have criticised the interpretation of scientific research used by the European Union to potentially restrict electronic cigarette sales. Image sent by author Strict restrictions to the sale and regulation of electronic cigarettes have been drafted in …

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How Smartphones Are Making Life Easier For Everyone

While the popular belief that a dog was man’s best friend was true some years back, smartphones and tablets are slowly claiming this spot as they are turning out to be our closest and most useful devices. With over 56% of American adults owning at least one smartphone, this device …

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Hybrid Cloud Improvements

The cloud computing is well know by all tech enthusiasts. If you don’t know what it is yet, cloud computing means computing utilizing a large number of computers via a network. It is simple than you think. In real life it usually means you will use a third party service …

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Five Apps to Keep Your Hectic Life More Organized

Between doctor’s appointments, bill paying, work and grocery shopping, life can get very hectic at times. If your busy schedule is making it difficult for you to keep track of everything you need to take care of, here are five great apps you can use to keep your hectic life …

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Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet: Most Bank for Your Buck

Is 2014 the year you finally invest in a well-built, highly versatile tablet? Tablets are arguably the hottest mobile devices available, and every tech junkie wants to get his or her hands on one. As you research different makes and models, don’t overlook the Yoga Tablet 10 from Lenovo. Image …

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