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Laser Diode Drivers: Its Functions, Handling and Safety Measures

A laser diode or injection laser diode is the most common type of laser producing device. These diodes have a wide range of applications ranging from fiber optic communications, barcode readers to laser scanning and laser printing. Laser diode driver is an electronic device which is used to supply a constant current to one or more laser diodes. This results in a continuous wave operation of the laser with a constant power output. Since the voltage-current characteristic of a laser diode is highly non-linear, which also depends upon the junction temperature, there is a need to supply … [Read more...]

Does Moore’s Law Apply To Wearable Tech?

Moore's Law started as the prediction that transistor densities would double every year, thus doubling performance, while it's now the notion - often proven - that computers get faster every year. It's because of Moore's Law that within two years of buying a new smartphone, laptop, or tablet, it's obsolete because there's something faster, better, and cheaper out there. The argument is whether or not Moore's Law applies to smartwatches, which are already small but pack an enormous tech punch. The Secret's in the Sensors Image via Flickr by Janitors One of the main reasons why … [Read more...]

Non-destructive testing (NDT) and the safer world it creates

It's often easy to concentrate on the times when things go wrong; people travelling or working safely is just not headline grabbing. But, if you take time to think about it, you realise that we actually live in a relatively safe world. Yes, accidents happen, but technological advances in areas such as the production of NDT equipment, mean these accidents are a lot less frequent than they could be. Image source Pixabay So, what is NDT and how does it help to create a safer world? This is what we are going to explain in this article. It's interesting to see just how much we rely on NDT … [Read more...]

Should You Keep Your Data in The Cloud?

In the recent years cloud migration which means keeping your data in the cloud not on your devices and accessing  them when needed became more and more popular. According to Nogentech.org keeping your data in the cloud has certain advantages but of course there are a few disadvantages as well. Image source Pixabay The main advantages of cloud migration are: Access your data from everywhere in the world via Internet if you lose you phone, tablet or computer your data will be safe the data is safe in the event of gadget theft usually the servers are fast and you have … [Read more...]

5 Hottest Home Theatre Trends for 2017

We’re living in the age of technology that is constantly changing. This year, we’re going to see plenty of new advancements in home theatre technologies and every homeowner should strive to stay on top of them. But before you head to your local tech store or start browsing any online stores, take a look at the following 5 trends that are guaranteed to be hot in 2017. Image source Pixabay Multiple Screens More and more home theatre owners like the idea of having more than one screen on their wall. In most of the cases, this implies having one flat-panel TV for everyday viewing that … [Read more...]

5 Ways Technology Is Streamlining Businesses in 2017

Just a few generations ago, there was no internet, no email, nobody had ever heard of social media, and smartphones were still science fiction. Today you can have almost instant communication with customers or partners on the other side of the world. Global networks and technology are gathering terabytes of data every minute. But rather than creating confusion, today's technology is integrating all this into effective systems. Here are just some of the ways technology has streamlined business for 2017. Image sent by author Marketing campaigns Print ads and direct mail are now just … [Read more...]

Primo iPhone Data Recovery Brings Your Deleted iPhone Messages Back

In a hyper-connected world, messages play a critical role to connect us with our beloved family, intimate friends and important business partners. It’s an extremely annoying feeling when you realize that you’ve mistakenly deleted Messages that mean so much to you. How would retrieve them? Primo iPhone Data Recovery is a wise option for anyone who wants to recover mis-deleted MMS/SMS/iMessages as soon as possible. Images sent by author Primo iPhone Data Recovery is an all-new iPhone data recovery tool, available for both Windows and Mac. Aiming for the latest iPhone 7 and iOS 10 … [Read more...]

How Cloud Computing Really Works in Healthcare

Cloud computing is the use of multiple computers that backup their data to remote servers that are hosted on the internet by a data service company. This removes the need for local servers and allows computers in different locations to access information from the same server. It is a great boon to many businesses today and is being used in many industries. Image sent by author How do Healthcare Facilities Use Cloud Computing? Healthcare facilities use cloud computing in multiple ways. One of the most common is in the exchange and cataloging of patient history and information … [Read more...]

Hosted VOIP Systems Tips And Tricks

Hosted VOIP Systems are cost-effective and more abundant in features than the old telephone systems. However, choosing a provider is not that simple. Not all services are alike, so you want to be conscious of selecting a provider that will make it worth your investment to switch. Make Sure the Provider Can Deploy and Administer the System with Ease Leading VOIP solutions will require little equipment for installment, no matter the size of the business. Basically, all that is needed is an IP phone, a voice router and a voice gateway device. You want to choose a hosted provider that has … [Read more...]

StarSailor – LiveSky is an Upcoming Portable Bedroom Projector Loaded with Tech Features

Have you ever wondered what a clear starry night on an African safari might look like in person? Or how about the colorful Northern Lights? Well now you can simulate that experience with StarSailor – LiveSky, no matter where you are in the world. Along with displaying live or pre-recorded feeds of the sky, Milky Way and other natural backgrounds, StarSailor can project any other content that you might want to see in any room including movies, digital books, websites, live sports games, live concerts, and more. This surprisingly small, portable and cool looking projector is also … [Read more...]