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Hosted VOIP Systems Tips And Tricks

Hosted VOIP Systems are cost-effective and more abundant in features than the old telephone systems. However, choosing a provider is not that simple. Not all services are alike, so you want to be conscious of selecting a provider that will make it worth your investment to switch. Make Sure the Provider Can Deploy and Administer the System with Ease Leading VOIP solutions will require little equipment for installment, no matter the size of the business. Basically, all that is needed is an IP phone, a voice router and a voice gateway device. You want to choose a hosted provider that has … [Read more...]

StarSailor – LiveSky is an Upcoming Portable Bedroom Projector Loaded with Tech Features

Have you ever wondered what a clear starry night on an African safari might look like in person? Or how about the colorful Northern Lights? Well now you can simulate that experience with StarSailor – LiveSky, no matter where you are in the world. Along with displaying live or pre-recorded feeds of the sky, Milky Way and other natural backgrounds, StarSailor can project any other content that you might want to see in any room including movies, digital books, websites, live sports games, live concerts, and more. This surprisingly small, portable and cool looking projector is also … [Read more...]

Technology Fixes Every Novice TechHead Should Know

Whether you're a novice techhead because of changes in your work responsibilities or your technology at home, you don't need complicated training to fix a variety of common technology problems. Wow everyone around you with these four handy fixes for you most annoying tech problems. Image sent by author Check All Physical Connections A bad hardware connection is one of the biggest primary causes of different tech problems. For example, if a monitor suddenly experiences color bleed or goes black, the fix might be as simple as pushing a loose cord back into the port on your computer … [Read more...]

5 Popular Technology Trends for Your Business

It’s high time you updated your business strategy. The right way to do is to is to incorporate the latest technology trends into your business model. The need for mobile devices has shaped the way we perform everyday tasks, from doing our jobs, to running errands, booking plane tickets, calling cabs, etc. This has also allowed for the development of many jobs that can be done from home. For modern businesses, it is paramount to constantly follow and research ways to stay ahead of these technological developments so that they can improve. In order to help you do this and secure great success … [Read more...]

4 Geeky Hobbies to Try Out this Summer

Summer is just about here. While everyone else is looking forward to hitting the beach, you may be one of the few people who are excited to spend as much time indoors and get started on a new hobby. Not sure what hobby to start? Here are a few ones that will let your inner geek out this summer.   Image sent by author  Geocaching Never heard of geocaching before? In simple terms, it’s treasure hunting for the digital age. Members of the geocaching community hide Tupperware-style containers or “geocaches” and publish the cache’s coordinates for others to find. Instead of the … [Read more...]

Advancements in Tire Technology

There’s more to tires as a concept than one would think –more than a rubber compound, a steel structure and air. In fact, things were never so simple, not even decades ago, when the tire technology was significantly less advanced. Within the past decade, the manufacturers have started coming up with new tire concepts, which excel at durability and performance, so here are a couple of them; welcome to the tire technology of the future! The Pneumatic Tire Images source Pixabay Before delving into the future tire concepts, it is important that we discuss the pneumatic tire, or, in … [Read more...]

The Top Smartphone Gadgets You’ve Got to Try in 2017

So, we’re almost three months through 2017 - can you believe it? And during those three months, there have been an influx of new smartphone gadgets and accessories into the market. What better time to accessorize your Android smartphone or iPhone than now? Below, we’re going to take you through some of the top smartphone gadgets we’ve already seen in 2017 and that you’ve got to try before this year is over. Image source Pixabay MagBuddy This first one is pretty simple - it’s a mount that automatically attaches to your smartphone with a magnet. This is one that you’ve got to get … [Read more...]

5 Of The Latest Gadgets In Hospitals Today

Technology transforms virtually all industries, but healthcare is one of the areas where developments have progressed at an astonishing rate. While adopting new devices, tools and software can be a significant administrative burden on the hospital, they can also provide invaluable resources for full patient care. Modern medical facilities are always looking for ways to increase the safety of their patients while providing more effective services. Image sent by author Disinfecting Light Bulbs Many people are wary about the risk of contracting a "super bug" or other disease when … [Read more...]

Carbon Fiber Products

The carbon fiber is becoming a more and more appreciated material. The phone cases made from carbon fiber are very loved by the users because these devices are durable and offer good anti-scratch and shock protection. But there are actually more than phone cases being made from carbon fiber. This material is a also a good option for wallets and watches. A carbon fiber wallet like the Tumi CFX Double Billfold RFID Carbon Fiber Wallet which is made from Carbitex CX6 material (is a dense, intricately woven and engineered carbon fiber) offers a good protection for the credit cards and cash … [Read more...]

Why Tablets Are A Must In The Classroom

This cool infographic shows the impact of tablets in the learning process. Enjoy. … [Read more...]