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5 Travel Gadgets That Will Make Your Trip a Lot More Enjoyable

There are two types of travellers – those who pack light and those who pack heavy. The first group loves to travel with as few things as possible so they can get the feel of an adventure without being burdened by heavy backpacks and suitcases, and the second one packs everything they could possibly need in order to avoid any unpleasant situations. Regardless of which group you belong to, there are some items and gadgets that are too cool to miss out on. Whether you are going camping in the woods or visiting some tropical paradise, we have a travel gadget for you. Solar chargers If you … [Read more...]

Google Home. The newest Gadget from Google

Smart homes became a reality in the last few years and Google is trying to get in the game with their latest gadget called Google Home. In this article you will find out what is Google Home, what are its best features, which are the gadget’s minuses and if it is worth buying. What is Google Home? Google Home is basically a voice activated speaker which is intended to become your personal virtual assistant. It can do all sorts of things from playing music to allowing vocal searches in Google. It can also work together with other tech gadgets and help you control you home using … [Read more...]

Big Companies are Collecting and Using Your Data Against You

You have prepared for a great night at home: you've made some spicy popcorn, you've got a cold soda from the fridge, and now you're anxiously waiting to watch one of your favorite movies on your big screen TV. Image source Pixabay But the frightening reality is that your TV may be watching and listening to you as well! More and more TV manufacturers have started to capture the audio in the room, and then send it over the Internet to their headquarters, where they can keep it for themselves or share it with their partners. I'm not joking, this piece of information may be included in … [Read more...]

6 Most Useful Business Gadgets for 2017

If you love both business and gadgets, it’s always exciting to discover new ways they can work together. In fact, it’s fair to say that business and tech are an unstoppable dynamic duo. If you’re looking for an excuse to splurge on some new office equipment that will make the work environment both fun and productive, you’ll be excited by the prospect of being able to incorporate a few of these gadgets in 2017. Image source Pixabay Smart Wallets There’s no better way to keep company money safe and secure than by using a smart wallet. These are digital wallets that store credit … [Read more...]

High-Tech Gadget Health Risks: EMF Protection

We love our gadgets and electronics. We have become increasingly reliant on electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, microwaves, laptops and gadgets for everyday communication, convenience and entertainment. However, with this reliance comes risks related to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), electromagnetic radiation (EMR), and radio frequencies (RF). In this modern age, we face EMF, EMR, and RF exposure every day. While it is impossible to avoid exposure, it is possible to mitigate the risks by decreasing your exposure levels. In order to determine the levels in your home or … [Read more...]

LET-LOK Tube Fitting Mechanisms

The HAM-LET Group has been leading the market since 1950 with its superior-quality, leak-tight LET-LOK® tubing for every type of application. In fact, the LET-LOK® brand offers the most advanced system available on the market meeting the increasing demand for these devices. What’s LET-LOK®? LET-LOK® comprises an extensive array of industrial-standard mechanisms and are offered in a range of materials. This, plus their cutting-edge technology, make them efficiently grip and seal tubing for every type of industrial application. They are also tailored to function in high-pressure and severe … [Read more...]

Give Your Creativity a Boost Using the B.U.I.L.D. Model – by Wrike project management tools

Infographic brought to you by Wrike corporate collaboration tools … [Read more...]

Weird Concept Cars

Concept cars are a chance for car makers to prove themselves as original, forward thinking, and industry leaders in innovation. Think of a concept car show as a fashion catwalk, except with more metal, oil and rubber. Actually, probably about the same amount of rubber. With tough competition every year to create thrilling new concept cars, it will come as no surprise that designers occasionally succumb to the pressure, go a bit loopy, and end up proudly presenting their gleaming new design to a chorus of laughter. Below, Vertu Lease Cars have compiled a list of the most baffling concept … [Read more...]

5 New Gadgets to Help You Run a Successful Laboratory

Science is an imperfect process built on experimentation, making efficient work essential for running a successful lab. Using the wrong tools can force even the best scientists to repeat the same experiment or push false discoveries with incorrect results. The latest and greatest technology can keep a laboratory running smoothly and efficiently. Image sent by author Tablets and Smartphones They're commonly used to play games or call home, but modern mobile devices are gaining widespread laboratory use. A good tablet can efficiently replace clipboards and lab computers at the same … [Read more...]

Plastic Extrusion Process

For a plastic extrusion process to be complete thermoplastic resins must be present. Thermoplastic resins are a form of plastic that can be melted, manufactured, and then re-dissolved. The resins used in a plastic extrusion machine are delivered in bead or pellet form. Some plastic resin beads come in a pure form. Such beads have never been manufactured in the past and come with a purity certification. These beads are bought for specific uses and come in various grades of quality. Machinery and Melting The components of plastic extrusion machinery are quite simple. The machine has an … [Read more...]