Choose your hosting wisely

I have seen a lot of discussions about what a good hosting service must do. On the forums I’ve read people opinions about domain hosting and their problems.

I remember a few years ago I was reading blogs and I wanted to have my own blog to write on. The first thing I’ve done it was to look for a free web site hosting and I’ve soon discovered that you get what you paid for. Free meant crappy or zero services and almost no control of my blog.

Even large companies like Blogger had problems (this was years ago) and some people lost their blogs. Now blogger uses a backup service. But it is the best to have your own domain and your hosting service because you have 100% control of your site.

Things you won’t find in the ads but you should know about hosting:

  • before choosing a hosting provider check up for reviews. The most honest one you will find on forums – just search X hosting company + forum and read other people opinions. The forums are much reliable than other types of sites because a lot of people win money is they make a sale for a webhosting company so they usually exaggerate the benefits.
  • unlimited bandwidth and unlimited space for less than $10 doesn’t exist. You will find some sort of limitations in the terms and conditions. The most usual for shared hosting (when you share a server with other people) is the processor limitation. If you site uses more than 20-25% of the server processor you site will be turned off and you will have to upgrade your plan.
  • shared hosting is affordable and works very good for most blogs. You can start with a shared hosting plan and upgrade if you have to many visitors.
  • dedicated hosting is the best solution is you have many small sites or if you have sites which are very popular

Allays remember if it sounds to good to be true open your eyes!

I hope this post will help you,

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  1. Yes the forums are a very good source for infos like: which kind of support you will get from this or that company?
    Support could became very important if you start to get any kind of problem (sometimes happen…)
    The bandwidth start to be important when you reach about 2/3000 visits per day. This mean you will have about 1GB of traffic for that.
    Yes you right, in order to have a good professional service you have to pay at least 20/30 euro per year (domain+hosting)

  2. I have just gotten my own hosting and I have to say it is cheap but awesome. It does not mean that you have a cheap host that is a bad thing, you just have to choose the best one.

  3. Brilliant. care to share your sources 🙂 ?

  4. Thank you for this article. When running a site, selecting the best web hosting company can be challenging because of the huge variety of options to choose from, and because it’s difficult to decide whether you can trust the company you’re with – Will they keep your data safe? Will they be reliable and keep your sites online? On the plus side, I find that find more info about the company can help to find out whether they’re efficient or not. For this reason, I always read reviews of the web host before buying from them. — Jake.

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