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Convert Old Photos To Digital Ones

If you want to get your old photos and get them in a digital format to share them with friends and family there are some simple solutions.

To convert old photos into digital ones yourself all you need is a scanner or a all in one printer (a printer with a scanner included). Simply get the photos and scan them. For sharing you can put the digital photos to a DVD or use a hosting service or a dedicated photo service like Picasa from Google. Many people prefer to share the photos via social media sites – Facebook is the most popular choice.

Scanning the photos yourself can be time consuming and this is why lots of people use a photo scanning service.


The usage of a photo scanning service is simple:

  • you send them the materials you want scanned: photos in boxes, albums, loose piles, envelopes, or carousels
  • they scan them for you and you review the digital photos and pay only for the ones you want
  • after selecting what you want it is easy to share them because most services offer a one click share. This means you select what you want to share and click o button and the photos will be shared (published) on their server

The prices for photo scanning services are affordable. One scan will cost you just 28¢ and they include free photo hosting and will give you a free DVD with the digital photos.

Plus most of the services will offer a photo correction if need it. If the photo is poor quality their experts can correct it and make it look good.

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  1. I think the method would be difficult,, but when I read it, it easy enough to be applied,, thanks for your tutorial, I think will do it for my facebook profile,,,

  2. Or, try iMemories.com. They did a good job cleaning up some of my old photos.

  3. Great idea. I bought a scanner and spent a whole weekend scanning wedding photographs only to find I had scanned at the wrong resolution. The wedding photographs ended up looking very grainy when I enlarged them. Much better to just pay a professional company!
    Nick Rose

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