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Cool computer gadgets Fan Control – Thermometers

Lian Li is the manufacturer of cool computer gadgets – the fan controls and thermometers.

3.5 Fan Speed Control/ Thermometer




  • Automatic Fan Speed Curve Control
  • 3 sets of Fan Speed Detection
  • 3 sets of Temperature Detection
  • Alarm for fan Error
  • Icon shows Power On/ HDD access on LCD

5.25 Fan Control- Thermometer



  • Large “5.25” LCD Display
    The TR-5A contains a large 5.25” LCD Display w/ different indicators of calendar, HDD access, temperature?fan speed information.
  • Automatic / Manual Fan Speed Curve Control
    Set 4 different fan speed and Temperature manually.
  • 4 sets of Fan Speed Detection
    Use individual design on the LCD?4 sets of fan speed independently.
  • Alarm for fan Error / Over temperature
    Add fan error checking function?check the error easily.
  • Icon shows Power On/ HDD access on LCD
    Icon shows power on and HDD access on 5.25 LCD.
  • Easy-to-Use
    TR-5F provides an easy-to-install user’s manual for related setup functions.

6 modes of fan speed adjustment?simply manage your fans system; S-A (Automatic)to S-L (Low Speed)to S-1 to S-2 to S-3 to S-H (High Speed)

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