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COOL-ER eBook Reader

Do you read books like a maniac? Then the COOL-ER eBook Reader is the gadget for you.

COOL-ER eBook Reader

Set to become the iPod of eReaders, this wafer thin gizmo will revolutionise the way you read and buy books.

Capable of storing between 500-800 novels, the 1GB COOL-ER (expandable via SD) uses E-ink technology to replicate the experience of reading a book. It has to be seen to be disbelieved; the glare-free 6” display looks just like paper. You’ll be tempted to lick your finger to turn the pages. It’s also unaffected by direct sunlight, so you can carry on reading wherever you may roam.

Simply download your books from any of the countless online sources floating around in cyberspace and drag them on to this USB friendly slice of genius. It’s easier than…erm, picking up a book. Better still, all COOL-ER owners receive a 25% lifetime discount at Coolerbooks.com, home to over 750,000 titles, 500,000 of which are completely free.

The COOL-ER’s internal battery charges in around three hours and lasts for 8000 page turns (the equivalent of reading War and Peace five times).The COOL-ER’s iPod-style scroll wheel acts as a menu selector and page turner. It also lets you select from six font sizes and toggle between landscape and portrait viewing.

This gadget also plays MP3s, so you can listen as you read.

COOL-ER eBook Reader features:

  • Size: 6″
  • Operating System: Linux
  • Storage: 1GB
  • Memory: 128MB
  • Processor: Samsung S3C2440 ARM 400MHz
  • Battery Life (single charge): 8000 page
  • Memory Expansion: SD Card (up to 4GB)
  • Supported Formats: PDF, EPUB, FB2, RTF, TXT, HTML, PRC, JPG, MP3
  • Page Orientation: Easy Switch Landscape/Portrait Options

Availability and pricing info

COOL-ER eBook Reader cost £189.95 and is available at FireBox.com.

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  1. Nice post, I always have a book with me. Whether a written word novel or an audiobook, I am never without some kind of literature. You never know when you will be caught waiting impatiently for your child to finish an activity or an unexpected delay leaves you with nothing to do!


  2. Wooh this is looking nice, but the price is too high

  3. Nice! I think that using this gadget is a cool way to read books. I believe that this is going to be the next big thing! Really nice! Thank you for sharing this.

  4. That’s a “cool” device. Being an avid reader, this should be great while travelling.

  5. Great products. I like eBooks are going to increase in popularity and these devices look like an excellent way to read them!

  6. This seems very handy and loaded with some excellent features. This should be of great help during travel times.

  7. This is so awesome. You can store thousands of E-books & just flip through the ones your looking for within seconds. It is so much better than carrying books around just to read. Just slip this in your bag & you have your entertainment or work ready on the go.

  8. Wow! This EiBook reader is fabulous. I should get one for myself since i read lots of books on the go. Thanks.

  9. My siblings and I bought this as an 82nd birthday present for our book-loving mother. We all thought there would be a learning curve, along with some “fear of technology”. We were so wrong! She took to it immediately, and absolutely loves it. The display is crisp and beautiful; downloading books is easy (we can even do it for her from our PC’s). There’s no perpetual pile of old books. There’s no waiting around, wishing she had something to read — she can download something new instantly! This is the perfect gift. Now we all want one, too. Thanks, Amazon, for a great ebook reader!

  10. I purchased this in the spring and upon receiving it the forward left button had a slight creaking noise. It was not to bad and I just wanted to use my kindle. As time has gone by the noise got louder and went down to the corner of the kindle. I called told them my problem and with in a matter of minutes they were going to ship me a new kindle. I received it in less that 24 hours. Amazon your kindle customer service ROCKS!!!

  11. This is innovation for the bookworm, and I though the world was just concerned about music lovers. Very cool gizmo. The sheer size of memory for the ebooks are just astounding! this will look very good with palm top accessories from Collections Etc.

  12. I wonder if they are going to make a children’s version of the ebook reader.

  13. Where was that technology when I was a kid?

  14. This is the best ever! I had somebody give this to me last during Christmas and it was just lovely as what I have expected it would be. very good products, definitely on the ‘must have’ list.

  15. liked the design, very cool. On my birthday wishlist!

  16. Yes they do look cool but I will wait for the craze to go away so they go down in price

  17. construction heavy equipment

    I really like the discount. It bugs me that amazon sells its downloadable books for some much. I mean, I realize that the author and publish (and amazon) need to make some profit, but there is no printing, warehousing, etc. So you think books could be a fraction of the physical. I may be old fashioned, but I still like to mark up a book. Can you do that with a device like this?

  18. it looks and sounds cool but has pretty hefty price tag. I think I will wait for them to become a little more obsolete before I make a purchase.

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