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Cool gadget the Fibre Optic Ice Lamp

The Fibre Optic Ice Lamp is a very cool gadget.

Fibre Optic Ice Lamp

This one has a Ice effect light up base. We sell loads of these for parties and social events as they can be moved anywhere and makes a stunning centerpiece.

As the lamp contains super bright LED’s you will never have to replace bulbs and are far, far safer than candles.

The Fibre Optic Ice Lamp will look fantastic in a glass vase with a feather boa or in your bedroom.

The Fibre Optic Ice Lamp cost €6.53 and you can find it at PrezziesPlus.co.uk.

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  1. We used the fibre optic lamp in a table centre piece for a room decorated in white, it looked fantastic in a glass vase with a feather boa. The only down side was that they were dificult to get out of their cartons and we needed a very small screwdriver to be able to put the batteries in.


  2. i will use it in my marriage

  3. This would be great for brightening up a living room or bedroom. And for the price it is an absolute bargain!

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