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Cool Technology Advances in the Last 10 Years

Technology growth is exponential and every day there are new, exciting discoveries and breakthroughs that wouldn’t have been possible in decades past. Trying to keep up with all of these can be difficult because of the crazy speed at which things are changing. Nowadays we have cars that can drive themselves and electronic cigarettes that are helping millions across the world quit smoking. Here’s a list of some cool technology breakthroughs in the last decade.

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Dino-Lite Microscopes

Dino-Lite is changing the traditional concept of a microscope. Instead of the idea that a microscope belongs at a laboratory connected to a stand, Dino-Lite microscopes are cheap and USB powered. Dino-Lite microscopes could be the new ink-jet printers.


Reddit was founded in 2006 as an innovative social media website. Today it has grown to become one of the largest websites on the Internet. What’s fascinating about reddit is how it can unite groups of people into "subreddits". These subreddits are different communities within reddit and can be anything from gun hobbyists to cute pictures of puppies. There’s a subreddit for just about anything out there and it’s a great example of how the Internet has brought people together.


Smartphones have made computing mobile. Before, work had to be done on a laptop or a desktop computer but now it’s possible to become more and more remote, creating less need to always be near a computer. This innovation has made people much more efficient and much more connected through social media and popular news sites.

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are a great and healthy way to quit smoking. It works by vaporizing nicotine juice so that smokers inhale a vapor of nicotine to satisfy their cravings. So instead of smokers having to clog up their lungs with smoke and carcinogens, they simply inhale a vapor. This method is quickly becoming the most effective way to quit smoking and is creating quite a stir in governments around the world.

Google’s Self-Driving Cars

Google, known for their wide research-base, is developing self-driving cars. Yes, these cars have already driven on California roads and are poised to make a release in the next decade. Google envisions a world where there are no human drivers and no room for error on the highway. It’s a scary new world and Google is leading the charge with their innovative and creative business ideas.

Article by Kandace Heller

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